Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Magical Places

Country roads

One thing I love about the island is the varied terrain and scenery - in a matter of moments one can drive from seaside, across flat lands of green and yellow fields, along winding narrow country lanes, past little lakes that dot the landscape, through hills and into mountains.

In the process of running everyday errands, I often find myself  sighing at the beauty before me.  The island is full of magical places.

I have passed one such place many times, and on Sunday when I was going to meet Piggy-Sue and Sophie-Lyn, I finally stopped to photograph it. It begins at a place called Cowichan Station,whose recorded history dates back to 1862. A short drive down a narrow winding road, and the magic begins.

First, the stone railway underpass comes into view,

the rolling hills framed in the distance.

Then a small church with its cemetary pops into view - I wonder how many generations of locals have been buried there?

And a one-lane bridge crosses a river:

I park the car and walk back across the wooden passenger walkway along one side of the structure,

And gaze at the beauty of the river and the trees in their autumn dresses.

To my surprise, I find a little park on the other side - I have never noticed it before.

I sit awhile at the picnic table, and enjoy watching the golden leaves drift gently to the river below.

I continue on my journey, past fields of green, and head into the hills to the pigs' new home.

There's pigs in them thar hills!

These images all occur within a few hundred yards of each other - and everywhere I travel on this island of mine I find magical spots like this.

I truly can't imagine a better, more beautiful place to live. 


Karen said...

Beautiful! What a gorgeous province we live in! :)

Anonymous said...

I've driven that road many, many times and never noticed the small park. I'll have to stop there next time.