Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sagacious Sadie takes over

Well, my mama is grumpy busy and is muttering away about nasty computers and the pace of change and this modern world and all that other stuff old chronologically challenged people go on and on about, so I'z just gonna helps myself to the computer and show you what we'z been up to. Okay? I may not rite write as eloquently as my mama, but I can still post pickchures I fink.

On Thursday, my mama and me took a long, long drive. We left Charley and Allie at home (Tarben's mama and Archie's mama came over to take care of them), and we went on de big boat back to the mainland.

This time I didn't get to go see my Gran Rose like we usually do. Instead, I visited my pal Riley


and our buddy Taleah was there too, because her mama Sharon is away so she is being doggy-sat.


Mama picked up her 2012 calendar from Auntie Deb, who is an artist. You'll see her work here.

Then we got back in the van an' went to Tisol's petstore, because they haz my vewy expensive food for $10 less a bag than what it costs on the island. Then back in the van again and drive, drive, drive, drive.....and then we was at the Piggy Lady's! Yes, Hearts on Noses sanctuary. As soon as the piggies heard my mama's voice, they came running - Scotch and Soda and all ten piglets that we fostered. 'Cept they is all big piggies now.

Hey foster mama!  Where ya bin?


Handsome, smiling Papa Scotch

Hick town pig, straw in mouth.

Scotch enjoying sunshine

Hi foster mama.  'member me? 

I'z as cute as ever!

An I still luvs you!

But we luvs the Piggy Lady, too!

My mama sez they look great - their skin is smooth and their hair is thick and glossy, and they is all happy happy pigs! We feds them some apples and some tomatoes (I grewed the tomatoes myself - well, wiv mama's help!), and had a quick visit, then back in the van. We drove and drove some more, stopped in to see Auntie Ann and Uncle Ken, and then mama had a visit wiv Emma, who is sorta her dog but lives at mama's old, old house wiv her dad (Emma's dad, not my mama's dad!). It waz dark by the time we got to visit her.


She still remembers all the stuff my mama taught her six or seven years ago. Here she is, showing mama that she knows how to 'stay' even when mama walks behind her.

Sit! Stay!

What a suck-up - ya wouldn't get me to do that! Heheheh!

Then we hadta make a mad dash fer the ferry so we could get back home. It waz a long, long day - 14 hours of travelling. I waz so glad to get home and see Charley, that I playbowed to her and played bitey-face and acted like a silly puppy. I waz a silly puppy - I knocked poor Charley right over wiv my exuberance! Oops!

Happy Sadie

On Friday, mama and I just slept all day long cuz we was so tired.
But yesterday was nice out, so mama and us dogs went outside to play. Or work. Mama had to finish the fence between the side and back yards. We helped:

Hey, Sadie - does this look right to you?
Nope, looks likes something's missing!

I can hop right through this!

She sez she was getting to that, but we thinks she thought she was done. Good thing we showed her what to do!

Okay, the concrete is set and the post is straight.

That's better, this looks solid!

All done!

Um, mama???  You forgots me!

Here I am!

Today mama is being lazy again. She is reading mostly. She hazn't even taken me for a walk yet, though I think she will soon because this morning's rain has stopped and it is sunny right now. But she also has to do more work on the gutters because the gutter seal didn't work. She shoulda let us inspect it. We coulda showed her how to do it!

Luv, Sadie.


Funder said...

Pigs: Wow, they *are* shiny. I don't know enough about them to say much, but they sure look like they're glowing with good health to me!

Emma: Awwww. I just melt every time I see her.

Gutters: I'm sorry but I have absolutely no advice on fixing them! My dad considered them black magic and if scooping the leaves out didn't fix the problem, he called a gutter man. Then I moved to the desert and bought a gutterless house :)

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

Shoooweeeee you all sure were busy! Love the pics of the pigs :)

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

I just read Emma's story; can't imagine how you feel :( When my ex & I were married, he wanted to keep 1 dog & 2 cats that we found & I agreed, on the condition that if we were to ever separate, he would be responsible for these 3 animals( I already had my hands full). Needless to say we divorced soon after & those 3 stayed right there with me, but I would not want it any other way.

Happy.Bark.Days said...

Hi there Sadie, you have a pizzazz for writing. What a busy busy weekend you all had, but isn't it a great feeling at the end of the day knowing that so many important tasks got accomplished? Well, all the more reason for your mama to take it easy and relax with a good read!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visitin' us, Sadie. We always luv to see you! Come again soon - or maybe we'll come on the big boat to the I-land and visit you.

Bye for now,
Riley & Taleah
(and Deb too)