Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter's back!

Looks like a good day to curl up with a good book and two good dogs.

Hmmmm....I wonder what this chicken one's about?

I think you should read this dog one to us, mom!

I just finished this one - a great read for anyone who has ever vacationed with an elderly mother!


georgia little pea said...

Incontinent on the continent?! Sounds like a good title for a book about taking Rufus on holidays :p

Sorry for you about winter coming back. Not so sorry for me because, by some strange twist, the last 2 days have been warmer again. What goes?

Black Jack's Carol said...

Lovely photographs of flowers bearing up under snow. And, love the title of the book.. sounds like a great read. I'm writing this on Saturday the 26th, with David Lam Park now covered in a light, snow blanket. Ok, so I agree it's pretty, but......

Anonymous said...

Ah Jean the snow is lovely to look at and a joy for the dogs and a walk. Just don't ask me to drive in it.
Enjoy it, the rain will soon be back.


Hunde Haus said...

Ohhh I would love to get my hands on that Country Roads book!

Geeez, what a pretty photo of the Daf's and snowy fir? and cedar? branches!