Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Major Bo Jangles

Remember Bo? One of Lucy's pups?

He's grown:

Just a wee bit! His vet says he doesn't seem to have any newfie in him, but looks much like a really nice lab/shepherd cross! Oh Lucy, what were you up to??? He sure didn't inherit her short little corgi legs or the fluffy fur of the dog presumed to be his dad! But of course, that is the gamble you take with dogs of unknown mixed heritage breeding with other dogs of unknown mixed heritage - they may look like corgies or pittis or newfies or poodles, but ya just never know what's really in them and what genes will predominate. (And, no, those DNA tests you now buy to find out the breed of your mutt are NOT reliable at this point in time).

Anyway, I was very happy to get an update on Major and some photos. His mom says:

Thought I would send a picture or two of Major. His name keeps growing, just
like he does. I believe you named him Bo, and Don and I renamed him Major, then
it became Major Bo, but with his tags on his collar, he now is called Major Bo
Jangles. He is an excellent puppy. We are taking him to agility classes where he
is learning lots of new tricks. He has a lot of friends, and a "cousin" dog
staying with us which he adores.

Now, I'm guessing this might be the "cousin" he's playing with here - probably destuffing a toy as I see white fluff on the ground.

But what I love about that photo is...the chickens!!! Totally unconcerned about two monster pups tussling away right near them - and the dogs totally disinterested in the chickens! How cute is that!

And here's another of Major Bo Jangles - All he needs is a parade following him, as he already has the baton with which to lead the marching band.

I'm going to send emails to a few of the other adopters - I'd sure love to see pics of them now. They were such an assortment of puppies - short ones, tall ones, fluffy ones, smooth ones.......

Thanks, Gerri and Don for the update. I think it must be almost time for a reunion!

(Photos and information used with permission)


Dom said...

He got so big! And handsome!

Karen said...

he's lovely. I'd love to see how the others are doing. Rupert is well...I will update the blog very soon.

georgia little pea said...

major bo jangles...that is an inspired name! i bet they sing him the song too :)

that chicken pic is lovely. i wish i could one day see georgia next to some chickens, but i have a feeling the chickens would probably be quite dead. could the white fluff have come from cousin dog?

Jen said...

He is a lovely looking boy!! I would love to see pics of the rest of the clan too!!

Puppies can be of all shapes and sizes in one litter, that's for sure!! Ringo, my current foster has brothers and sisters that look to have about 3 dads... he's looking like a lab/boxer mix, several look Rotti, a couple look Shepherd. It's strange how that happens!! Ah well, we'll have to watch him as he grows and see what he looks like as he gets older too.

Jen and the BDC

Sheryl said...

He is an absolute sweetie! And I love, love, love the name Major Bo Jangles.

Anonymous said...

Major Bo Jangles - what a handsome, happy puppy!

He does look ready to lead the parade, Jean.....


Anonymous said...

WoW he is really growing into a lovely BIG dog.
I would also love to see how the others are looking now.