Thursday, February 3, 2011

Update on Lucy Lou

It's hard to believe Lucy has been gone for just over a month - in some ways it seems like yesterday, and yet it seems so long since she was bouncing all over my house and my heart.

I received a one month update from her new family. She is doing great! They tell me that she has settled right into their routine, and no major problems have developed. She is still adjusting to their two cats, having made friends with Coco, but being on the receiving end of a few paw swipes from Lola. (Allie says "You show her, Lola! Cats rule!!").

And Lucy has lots of new dog friends, which is just what she needs to wear off some of that excess energy. Lucy's mom says

"We walk every day together. In the mornings, I have five dogs that I walk at once. Lucy seems to be particularly fond of Tobo, an English Springer Spaniel. I think it's because they are similar in size and they can romp and play with each other with vigor! I just finished a week of dog sitting for my best friend. Kai, who is a pug/pomeranian cross, is very energetic, and the two dogs by the end of the day were wiped! They would snuggle together and share the chair in my
bedroom. Lucy snores quite loudly when she's exhausted :)"

Awwwwww.....I can just see them snuggling together and sharing a chair, Lucy snoring away!!
What a good home our Lucy Lou ended up in. Thanks, Heather, for the update!

If any of the pups' families are still reading the blog, I'd sure love to hear how they are doing ---- and how big they've become! They are four months old now!


georgia little pea said...

i happened to read lucy lou's story yesterday, just randomly clicking on your blog! it was such a sad and happy story all at the same time. it brought a little lump to my throat. i wanted to comment on that post, but wasn't sure if you'd get to read it. so i'm very glad to get the opportunity to do it here.

it looks like lucy lou has found A Home, which is a fantastic ending [and beginning] to her story. it must be hard for a foster carer. i'm sure you get attached, however many animals pass through your hands and life.

georgia was meant to be a foster dog. we thought we could give her a more homely environment while at the same time, help our other dog, rufus, get over the loss of HIS old friend, jordan.

she was our 1st attempt. almost 2 years later, she's still with us. i guess it's safe to say, we're pretty bad at fostering :p

have a great weekend! and p.s. thanks for dropping by as well :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww, that is so great to hear! Good Girl Lucy!


Anonymous said...

Very happy to hear Lucy Lou is doing so well in her new home. Hope you give yourself a big pat on the back, Jean, for helping Lucy (and pups)so much!


Anonymous said...

It's so great to hear that Lucy is doing so well. You did a great job with her to get her ready for a family of her own.


EvenSong said...

So good to hear updates on them all! Didn't comment the other day, but lookit all those LEGS on the puppies! They're probably all taller than Lucy already!
btw,I have an award for you over on my blog. You may take it or leave it as you please. Just wanted to send some new readers your way, and thank you for a great site.

Jean said...

georgia little pea: confession time. Sadie is a failed foster. And if Lucy had not worked out for her new family, she would have become one, too. It's why I try to avoid fostering, especially anything more than about 72 hours.

Evensong - thanks for the award - my very first! I plan to respond and carry it forward later today or tomorrow. I'm composing a post about it in my head but the words haven't yet trickled down to my fingertips and onto the screen.