Thursday, January 27, 2011

Take a Walk with Me!

By Sagacious Sadie

My mama is busy tonight, so she said I could use the computer. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day so we went to Osborne Bay Park, our favourite offleash area. We haven't been there for a while, what with puppies and winter rains and all. Charley and me, we can't do the trail all the way down to the beach at the bottom of the park anymore (well, we could get down there, but climbing back up is another matter), so we just do the fields and trails at the top. The park is 65 acres, so there's lots to explore! Wanna come along?

This path looks good!

It's such a nice day for a walk in the park.....

Lots of good things to sniff!

Now, where'd Charley get to?

Here she comes!

Would you like to sit a spell? Here's a nice bench for you.....

And I'll keep you company.

NOW where'd Charley get to? Is she over there?

Or maybe over there?

Ha ha - there you are, Charley!

Shall we move on?

Lots of interesting sniffing....

Whose been here?

Look, here's a little stream...

Of course, Charley has to go paddling in it.

Ohhh, look at this hollow log!

Well, we should probably head back home now....

That was fun. Thanks for coming along! Maybe next week we'll go to another park?

Love, Sadie


EvenSong said...

Lovely, relaxing walk. And I burned SO many calories! Thanks for inviting me.

georgia little pea said...

What a lovely walk :) The first I've seen in a long while (from your hemisphere) that doesn't have snow in it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sadie (and Charley and Jean) for sharing your lovely walk with us!