Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a top ten bloghop!

Evensong, a blogger friend at Mountain Music, drew my attention to a blogging event which sounds like fun. Each blogger chooses their ten favourite posts that they made in 2010, and links to each other for a bloghop (which is kinda like a pub crawl but without the morning-after effects). So..... I went through my posts for 2010 and ended up with twenty favourites --- ooops!

And then I narrowed it down.

It was hard to decide on the criteria - was I looking for ones I felt were well written? creative? had good photography? meaningful to me? I ended up with a mix. If I've missed one of your favourites from this past year, be sure to mention it in the comments.

The first four were easy:

The Magic of the Quilt in which I tell the true story of a quilt that helped a puppy find a perfect home.

Foster Mama, Lucy Lou and a Little Dr. Seuss in which foster dog Lucy and I discuss the merits of snow, in the style of Dr. Seuss.

The Dog Who Thought He was a Polar Bear, a story based on a morning walk with my late sheltie, Oliver.

Why the Sky Turned Orange, a myth which came into my head as I watched a beautiful sunset shortly after Oliver died.

Then it gets a little trickier, and the final six were hard to choose. But I think these give a wide representation of my blogging work of the past year - a little pensive, a little humour, a tribute or two, and some photographic essays. Here, in no particular order, are the ones I selected:

Beautiful Borzois and a Passel of Puppies, a series of photographs of my foster pups and my friend's gorgeous borzois that she just adopted from Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue.

Touring Cowichan Valley, Part 3, (and also parts 1 and 2) in which a visit from a friend motivated me to capture some of the beautiful spots in the area where I live.

Ebeneezer's Rescue, a true story of the rescue of a lonely, abandoned potbellied piggy. Perhaps not my best writing (I've since edited it quite a bit for a book I'm working on), but a fun tale worth the telling.

Watercolour World, in which I am tempted to take up painting, motivated by the natural beauty of sunrises and sunsets. I chose this one because the photos give me a sense of tranquility.

My Precious Boy has passed away, a tribute to my sheltie Oliver

And Now my Belle has left us too , a tribute to my sheltie Belle, who died a week after Oliver. I chose these last two because they are truly written from the heart.

Okay, that's ten. Aww shoot, but I have more I really liked:

Confessions of a Patio Gardener
My Favourite Shot of the Week
Magical Morning Meanderings
Two quiet old easy care dogs
A little comic relief
Lucy's song
And off they go
Those long awaited omg couldn't ya just smooch those little faces puppy pictures.

Okay, I cheated. But so did some others in the bloghop.

Now check out these other bloggers' top tens:
Here's the bloghop list:


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a few less per person for the bloghop would encourage more reading. 10 is an awful lot in total.

When you do your book don't forget to consider the pig story about fixing the fence and the pink pig.

When it is published put me down for the first purchased copy.

Big Sis

Jean said...

Big Sis, I totally agree. I think the top three would be good. I confess I haven't got around to reading even half of the entries on the bloghop list.
As for the story of the fence and the pink pig (that was Roscoe), unfortunately I lost that when my last computer crashed, along with a number of other stories that I wrote before I began this blog. If you still have a copy of it, can you send it to me????

georgia little pea said...

you haven't read even half the entries on the hop? oh dear ;p

neither has my stay-at-home human!

she has however read quite a few of your stories. they're lovely :) i'm not sure she's read the pink pig one but it was getting late and she was sleepy. she'll definitely be following your blog and reading more as soon as she can.

have a great day! : ) georgia the pig dog and Almost Lady.

georgia little pea said...

okay, so i suppose she hasn't read the pink pig story because it's not on the blog.

sorry, she's not a very good speed reader. i promise she won't be a nuisance like this all the time.

Louise said...

My favorite is "why the sky turned orange" it brought tears to my eyes.