Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Help.....someone who is computer literate???

I'm trying to add the logo for the Shelter Challenge to my blog, but when the user clicks on it they just go to the home page where you click for food, not the shelter challenge page. I tried embedding the link in the graphic, but it didn't work.
Someone - Yvette? Alphamutt? Chris?- how do you make the graphic take the reader to the voting page???????


Del said...

"""woof woof woof""

try this link Jean


Sloppy Licks


EvenSong said...

I'm not sure from your description whether you've already done this, but when you set up your hyperlink are you using the *entire* address of the challenge page? You should be able to copy and paste right from the "https://......" line in your navigation page when you're on the challenge page. If it still goes to the home page, it may be that that's the only "way into" any part of the site.
You're hearing this from someone who couldn't even comment on her own blog page, so I don't know if this helps...

Jean said...

Thanks everyone (and those who emailed me as well) - I think it is now up and running!

King, you can give me sloppy licks any day!!

shihtzustaff said...

You did it. I wanted to do it on my blog before I tried to help you. But you have done it1 Was it hard to do in blogger? I may do Deb's.