Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tales of Houdini and Mooch

The other day, Maggie and I went back to Parksville with Pat and the poms.  Two unexpected stories emerged from the photos.  The first story I'll call "Houdini", the second one "Mooch".


It was a beautiful day, perfect for a beach walk.  We headed out to the water, all dogs on leash.  Maggie and Cosmo raced ahead and happily pranced into the water.  Lexi was complaining bitterly because Pat didn't bring the stroller.  She does NOT think princesses should walk.

Pat's attention was focused on Maggie, who was happily barking up a storm.  She wanted to make sure everyone in Parksville and beyond knew just much she loves The Beach.


My attention was on Cosmo, as I attempted to get some action shots of him running into the sea.  But look closer at this photo - much closer. (You'll need to be looking at this on a real computer, not on one of those itty-bitty smartphone things).  Do you see a problem?

Here, I'll help you.  Do you see it now? In the background?

Lexi, aka Houdini, has just slipped her harness! 

And then....

She looks at it......

She checks it out again .....

And at that point, she took off like a bat out of h*ll, straight back to the car and the road!  THAT part I don't have on film, because it was then we realized what was going on.  I grabbed Cosmo's leash from Pat, and Pat took off like an even battier bat out of h*ll after Lexi.   I don't think either of us have ever been so scared - Lexi was racing away at top speed and paying no attention to Pat's calls.

Fortunately, a kind woman and child managed to divert Lexi's attention just before she reached the edge of the sand, giving Pat time to catch up to her,  and all was well that ended well.  Mags had both her martingale collar and her harness on, so with a bit of ingenuity and using Maggie's martingale collar as a cinch around Lexi's harness , we jury-rigged a double-clip, non-slip, you-won't-escape-this-Ms-Houdini harness for the troublemaker. 

Needless to say, Pat went shopping for a better harness the next day.


Maggie likes food.  No doubt about it.  Oh, there are some things she won't thank you for - like fruits and veggies, or anything with peanut butter (what dog doesn't like peanut butter, for gosh sakes???). But most other things, she is quite happy to help you consume.

At home, she doesn't get fed from the table.  After a meal, I do take the plate to the mat in the kitchen where she is only too happy to be the pre-wash cycle before it goes in the dishwasher.  But on an outing like a hike or a day at the beach?  Well, that's a different matter.  I will share a little of my lunch with her if she sits politely and quietly.  Apparently, though, some people are oblivious to big, pleading eyes:

Auntie Pat, is that a POTATO CHIP in your hand? 

For ME? I'm being so Po-lite! 


See if I ever talk to you again, Auntie Pat! 

Oh, wait, there's more?
I love you, Auntie Pat.   

The End. 


Marie said...

Oh, my gosh, my greatest fear, a dog getting off it's leash! So glad that Pat managed to snag that puppy! Sounds like you all had a wonderful day, despite little Houdini!

Mark said...

Glad you got Lexi back, it must have been quite a tense few moments. King was another Houdini he used to escape all the time, from a locked crate at the vets one time, he got out of our gated yard another time and was following me down the road. He would get out of closed off rooms in the house all the time we don't know how he did it.