Thursday, July 12, 2018

Swallowtail Distraction

I stepped outside the back door earlier today to head for the farm market, only to discover a dozen or more swallowtails (and a couple of hummingbirds) flitting all over my garden. I tried to get more than one in a shot, but that was a challenge - though with the diverse colours of  flowers in the garden, it gave me lots of fodder for a "Where's Waldo" blog post later!  I did eventually get to the market, albeit an hour or two later than anticipated.  Nature - and swallowtails - are a great distraction. 

Here's one of my favourite solo shots, on one of two butterfly bushes in my yard:


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Marie said...

Lovely photo. I can just imagine during this hot weather, sitting in the shade of your yard, priceless!