Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Visiting Old Friends

I have just returned from a trip to the mainland to attend my nephew's Celebration of Life and to visit old friends. One of those friendship visits was to Hearts on Noses, the pig sanctuary for whom I once fostered Scotch, Soda, and their ten babies.  Those babies will be ELEVEN next month, which means Scotch and Soda are likely around 15, as they were full grown when they arrived at my little acreage.

Here's a few of my favourite photos from my visit to the sanctuary:

First to greet me was Chilco, one of two dogs at the sanctuary.
In this photo, he was staring intensely at a bug crawling across
the spot of dirt where he wanted to lie down!
I'm not sure what Janice was saying, but I love how the pig (Cotton? Pete?)
is so attentive and engaged. Don't you wish all your conversation partners were this interested in what you have to say?

What would a photoshoot be without the twelve I fostered from 2007-2009?
That's Janice watching over the fence, volunteer Jana filling the water dishes, and Lacey grazing in the background.

Scotch, you've grown a bushy beard! 

Looking after pigs is thirsty work! 

Roscoe, in one of his calmer moments.
Anyone remember the time Roscoe knocked me over in the poop corner while I was trying to build his pen? You can read about it here: The handywoman, the pig, and the hot summer's day

I think he has mellowed a bit since then - well, sometimes.  I love this series of photos of volunteer Magda sharing a cuddle, some lovings and some greens with him:

There was a new family of volunteers the day I visited.  The son, Ryan, took some time to get to know Roscoe.
Ryan meets Roscoe
(photo posted with parental permission)

Rose, beautiful Rose - one of the first Hearts on Noses piggies I met, back around 2006 I think - when she was little enough to be a house pig and opened the fridge door, pulled open the crisper, and took off running with a bag of food!

Rose still gets excited about food -
I was distributing peanuts. 

Scotch the pigapotamus!

Of course, there are always a few critters who find their own way to the sanctuary,
and know a good thing when they see it!

Lots of healthy green grass for the pigs to munch on!

Whisper, Rob Roy and Fizzy
They always followed me around when I fostered them,
and were the first of the twelve to run up to me when I visited the other day.
One has flopped over for a belly rub! 

Maggie stayed home with a petsitter while I was on the mainland.  I think she wants to tell you about that herself - tomorrow, perhaps!


Anonymous said...

Great pix. Looks like you enjoyed yourself and had a great day. M

Janice Gillett said...

It was so good to see you again Jean and i am sure all the animals here join me in saying as you handed out love and peanuts and as always took some amazing shots of the kids. Thanks for the awesome new memories and a freezer full of vegan meals !!

Sheryl said...

I love seeing the piggies again. I so enjoyed your posts back when you were fostering them.
Great photos.

Marie said...

Jean, I arrived home yesterday and very happy to be here. Sparkle was so excited to see me and the feelings were the same from my point of view. I'm so glad that you had this visit with your friends while over on the mainland.