Friday, June 29, 2018

My Staycation, by Maggie

Hi. Maggie here. My mama told you about her trip to the mainland, or at least the Hearts on Noses part, so I'm gonna tell you what I did while she was gone. (She didn't take me, because there were too many things I couldn't go to, and Mama doesn't leave me alone in strange places or in cars).

I gots to have a stay-cation. You know what that is, right? It's like a vacation, except you don't need suitcases or nothing, because you sleep in your own home. During the day, you sometimes go out and do things you don't often get to do.

My paws aren't good at fixing my food or getting out my medicines, and I'm sure not gonna try to give Allie the Cat her medicines, so our friend Nancy came to stay with us. My Mama used to volunteer with her at RASTA sanctuary, and sometimes she comes here to visit us or we go for a walk together. She looked after us a few weeks ago for a night when my Mama had to make a quick trip to the mainland then too. But just for one night. This time it was for FIVE nights. That's a lotta nights. And it hasta be seven times as long for a dog as for a hooman.

But I had a good time, and I was a really, really, really good dog. Really. I hadda be, because Nancy sent a report and photos to my mom Every Night. And no one wants their staycation cut short by a bad report! Nancy even let me use her photos for this blog. That's cause mama took my our her camera with her, so I couldn't take any photos myself.

My Mama left Thursday morning, and later Nancy took me and her dog Haven (yes, Haven came to stay with us too. Haven's a great big bouvier . She's bouncy and big - did I mentions she's big? - but even Allie likes her) - anyway, Nancy took me and her dog Haven for a walk on the sea walk. Haven and I checked all the good sniffin' spots to see who else had been there today.

We also spent some time in the garden. Mostly, I napped. But I saw Nancy reading the thick wad of instructions my mama had left for her, so I went over to make sure Mama remembered to tell her I get treats at least eleventeen times a day. Mama hadn't remembered. :(

Whatd'ya mean, she didn't say I get treats eleventeen times a day?
She musta just forgotten!

On Friday, we went to Grace Rd Park. I had to ride in Nancy's car for that one. I had my harness and seat belt, and my purple blankie that I travel with, and I even shared the back seat with That Big Bouvier, Haven.

It's a good thing this car is bigger than Mama's -
I don't think a sheltie and a bouvier would fit on her back seat! 

I've been to Grace Rd Park before wiv Mama and Auntie Pat, but Nancy took us up a different trail to some fields. That was fun! We walked and rested and walked and sniffed and had a great time.

On Saturday, we went to Westholme. In the car again. Nancy lives near Eves Park when she's not petsitting, so we got to go for a walk there - through the forest and up to the bluffs. First I got to meet her roommate's dog, Ybur. He's nice. So he came with us on our walk. Then we all chilled at Nancy's for awhile. I was even respectful to her cats, Ecco and Clarence Bob. Clarence Bob 😼😁😁😁 - isn't that a great name for a cat?

My Mama likes this photo Nancy took of me! 

Me, Haven, and Ybur, hanging out at Nancy's.  

Hey, Nancy, y'need to get some DUCKS for this pool!

On Sunday, we went to a secret cove in Maple Bay. Okay, it's not a secret to the person who owns it, who happens to be a friend of Nancy's. So we were allowed to go there. Didn't see no ducks though. But it was pretty and very peaceful.

Later that day, there was a thunderstorm. I ran around the house sounding the alarm, but no one seemed too panicky so eventually I settled down.

On Monday, Nancy had to go to work so my Auntie Pat came over to take me for a walk in case I hadn't done my business (I usually do it on my morning walk) (Oops, Mama says that might be Too Much Information, aka TMI). Anyway, she did. She came over and took me out. She didn't take any photos (or at least, I don't think she did) but she helped me send a facebook message to my mama later. Here's what I messaged Mama:

Hi Mama, My auntie Pat came over this morning and I was really happy to see her I gave her my happy Sheltie bark and wagged my tail. She opened the door and I didn't bolt out or anything. Then she said we were going for a walk and she tried to put my harness on.......she sure was stoopid trying to do that so I had to show her how it worked by lifting my leg up for her We went down to the sea walk and because we weren't with those Poms five different people told me how bootiful I was.We didn't see any ducks even tho the tide was way way out. I had 2 pees but no poop and then auntie Pat said it was time to turn around because it started getting too hot and she was worried about me. She said she wished she had put me on my flexi so I could have more room to walk but you scared her by saying I might bolt. When we got back to the house she sat with me some more [outside, in the garden] in case I had to poop but I just sat there so she could pat me some more. Auntie Pat said you would be home soon. I miss you Mama. Love Maggie

Well, I don't know what Auntie Pat's definition of 'soon' is, but it was at least another twenty-four hours before Mama came home. On Tuesday, Nancy took Haven and me to the beach here in Crofton and the tide was waaaaaay out, so we walked and walked along the shoreline, past the rocks and muck, until we reached SAND! I showed Nancy what I do when my paws hit sand - I leaped and barked and ran and barked and showed my happy happy face. Nancy says Mama and I need to move somewhere that has lots of sandy beach. My Mama thinks so too. So do I.

Me and Haven on the beach at Crofton

And that was my staycation. Oh, and you'll notice this was all about me. Allie was fine too. Nancy even sent Mama a photo of Allie being fine. But most of the photos were of MeMeMeMeMe.

Allie, because Mama sez the post shouldn't be All About Me. 

Mama says sometimes I'll get to go with her when she goes away (road trip!) and sometimes we'll just have Nancy come take care of us. That's fine with me - I got to go lots of interesting places. Thanks, Nancy and Haven!

Love, Maggie. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

(All photos courtesy of and copyright to Nancy R, and used with permission).


CarolineA said...

Oh my you had a really nice staycation! Glad Allie cat had a good time too. By the way, I completely agree with you that the little pool needs a duck. Maybe eleventeen is a good number for ducks in pools too :)

Marie said...

Hi, Maggie, it's so good to see that you had such a nice time with Nancy while your Mom was away. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with all the news of what you did and where you went, great pictures too. I'm home now with my Sparkle and even though I enjoyed my time over on the Island, home is always best. See you next visit :) said...

Hi Jean. I don't post often but keep up with your blog. Thanks for sharing with those of us who are not on FB! So sorry to hear of Peter. I was shocked when Bev phoned. Keep on taking pictures and posting! Aileen