Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Isn't it supposed to be spring?

I live in an area that has the mildest climate in Canada.  We pride ourselves on filling our social media sites with photos of spring flowers in early February while the rest of Canada is still digging out from mountains of snow.  Most winters we get no snow, or perhaps a skiff that is gone by nightfall.

This time last year

Not so this winter.  It has been unseasonably cold and we have had more snow in the past week than all the snowfalls put together since I arrived on the island back in 2009.  And tomorrow we expect another 10-15 cm.  I had to hire someone to dig out part of the back yard for Mitzi (who has been under the weather - no pun intended. More about that in a day or two), just so she could manage to do her business.

Even princesses are entitled to use some unladylike words this winter.

Some of the trees in my newly landscaped garden have lost boughs under the heavy load, and in one case the main trunk snapped.  The birds aren't impressed either - their seeds keep getting covered with more snow and ice, the hummingbird feeders freeze or their ports get covered with ice and snow in no time at all, and the robins have to wear mukluks to keep their little toes warm:

(His mukluks are hidden by the snow!)

Okay, it looks kinda pretty, but right now I'm really envious of my Ontario friends who are whining about all the rain.  That's OUR wetcoast rain, people - somehow we ended up with YOUR friggin' snow. 
Pretty, yes, but time for it to go!

Personally, I think Mitzi has the right idea:

Wake me when it's over.


Mark said...

Wow you have had a lot of snow there Jean. We have had less than half of that amount here in Lillooet. Guess the clouds must dump it all on you guys and the Fraser Canyon, and by the time they get here they are empty. It has been cold though with temps of -15 and very windy. Princess Molly doesn't want to stay out in it long, we think the metal plate in her leg gets too cold and bothers her (she had TPLO last year).

CarolineA said...

We don't have a lot of snow here in Northern Alberta but it's been a tad cold. You are the ones on the island who are supposed to show us hope that spring is coming, will we be the ones showing you this time?
Miss Mitzi, you have the right idea!

Mark said...

I spoke too soon we had a foot of snow in the last 36 hours. It's finally stopped and is now going to be a wet mess as the temperature is rising.