Sunday, February 19, 2017

A drop of rain

The snow is gone, and I've been photographing raindrops and signs of spring.  My arm won't let me do more than one photo tonight, but this one caught my eye as I downloaded my images - not just because I love the drop of rain, but because when I looked at the foliage, it made me laugh.  I see a bird of leaves (with a rather featherless head and little tiny teeth), squawking as she passes a raindrop egg!  Can you see it? Or have I been taking too many painkillers?


CarolineA said...

I see a face in the middle, it looks like an animal face but I'm not quite sure what kind of animal. Almost a small lab puppy face.

CarolineA said...

correcting myself, it's not a lab puppy, it's a Fu dog. See it?