Sunday, September 11, 2016

Saratoga Sunrise

Saratoga Sunrise - sounds like a drink, doesn't it?  Something peachy - peach and vodka, perhaps.  (Well, after typing those first couple of sentences, I thought perhaps I should check if there really was a drink by that name.  There is!  And here I thought I was being so witty. Sigh).

Anyway, Mitzi and I are on vacation at Saratoga Beach on Vancouver Island.  And this is what our version of a Saratoga Sunrise looks like - taken as we walked the beach early this morning:

Saratoga Sunrise - non-alcoholic, a better high, and no hangover.


Marie said...

I've never heard of Saratoga Beach but it's lovely, so enjoy your holiday and pets for Mitzi!

Jean said...

Funny thing is, Marie, I've been coming to the island for at least 30 years, and lived here for 7, and I'd never heard of it until this spring when I was looking for a pet-friendly cottage on a beach near Campbell River. Since then, I've met several people who have been here and one who owns a cottage here! And the beach is beautiful AND pet friendly.

CarolineA said...

who ya calling a pet, lol. Miss Mitzi is not a pet, she is a princess, lol

I had to look up Saratoga beach and it sounds really nice. I bet it is especially nice this time of year when the colours are slowly starting to turn and it's not so hot anymore

Jean said...

Ha ha, Caroline - okay, I was looking for a "princess-friendly" cottage! Ms. Mitzi says you are absolutely right!

Marie said...

Well, as far as her fans go, we all think that Mitzi is a Princess of the highest calling!!!