Sunday, September 4, 2016

Puppy with water dish

You may have noticed I didn't post the several catch-up blogs I'd intended to post.  The old computer gets slower and slower, so I have been making a rapid transition to my new one - new computer, upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 10, and upgrade from Microsoft Word 2003 to Microsoft Word 2016.  Steep, steep, steep learning curve for this technologically incompetent senior.

So....maybe I will and maybe I won't ever get to those catch-up posts.  (Okay, I do have one post of Molly Dawg and Lady May and Cuddle Clone King, from their visit last May, which I need to get up  - still editing all those photos!)

Meanwhile, here's a one-photo post, of a seven-week-old bearded collie, one of four pups I photographed today.  I'm posting it here for the sole purpose of seeing if I can do everything - downloading the photos, editing them, watermarking them,writing the blog, and posting - all from the one new computer.  If it doesn't work, or doesn't look right, I may throw up my hands in defeat.

Here goes, fingers crossed:

Bearded Collie Pup and Water Bowl


CarolineA said...

It worked, it worked!
you have been missed!

barb said...

Good job Jean. You will master Windows 10 soon, then you can coach me!!!
Photo of puppy and water bowl was wonderful...glad to see it isn't just
me who has fancy waterbowls for their pooches! barb and the furry ones

Marie said...

Good Job Jean, you are a better woman than I, still have my Windows 7!!!!
Missed you but I know you will master these hurdles and keep blogging. Pets for Mitzi.