Sunday, April 10, 2016

King's Final Journey

Back in 2008, when the blog was young, I posted a story of a dog who had been waiting for his very own home for many months.  King had a memorable story - an injured and starving homeless dog in northern BC, trying to look after a small pack of other homeless dogs, picked up by a pair of Good Samaritans, who went seven hours out of their way to take the dogs to the nearest rescue, Turtle Gardens.  You'll find that story here:  Needed: One Happily Ever After Ending.

A very special couple read that blog story, and felt their hearts respond.  And so King got his Happily Ever After Ending with my blog readers Del and Mark.  We met up with them twice over the years - once while camping at Emory Creek and again last year when Mitzi and I traveled to their home.  

On April 8th, King ended his earthly journey.   He was one of the sweetest, kindest, most benevolent dogs I have ever met, and I know he was one of the most loved.  He passed away with Del and Mark by his side, arms around him, fur sisters nearby.  And as he left, he let out one last howl, perhaps to let the Spirit World know he was on his way.  I can tell his story no better than this very wonderful tribute to him which Del wrote on King's own blog: Please take a moment to read it, kleenex in hand. 

King, you will be sorely missed.  If I could have had only one dog in my lifetime, I would have wanted him to be just like you. 

Gentle hugs, Del and Mark.  King will forever be in our hearts. 


CarolineA said...

I think Del and Mark will treasure this post forever. And your picture of King does him proud

Mark said...

Thank you Jean for a beautiful tribute to our wonderful boy. We would also like to thank Lou and Bonnie who rescued king and his pack in April 2008, if they hadn't done "something" he would not have lived for another 8 years. Another thank you to Yvette of Turtle Gardens for taking them in even when you had no more room and for taking care of him while he was there. if it wasn't for you blogging about him needing a "Happy ever after" Jean, we may never have adopted him. king touched many lives as we have had many, many messages of condolence from people we don't even know. Even mother nature must have known what a wonderful soul king was, after I had placed him on a big fluffy duvet wrapped in a blanket in the back of the truck to take his Earthly body on his last journey to the vets for cremation, a gust of wind came from nowhere and covered the canopy in Apricot blossoms.

We are sad that he has gone as there are empty spots in the house and a big hole in our hearts. He was Mummy's shadow never more than 5 feet away from Del. We are thnkful to everyone who knew and loved King so that he could live his whole 14 year life, the last 7 of those years as a well loved member of our family.

Run free Big Boy know you were the best Buddy anyone could have. Love Daddy

Marie said...

Thank you, Jean for letting your readers know about King's last journey. Many of us know of him through your writings and also know of Del and Mark the same way. However, it was they who came for the home inspection when I wanted to adopt Sparkle. I am so fortunate that they liked what they saw and that I have her living with me now.
Each pet is special to their humans and each human is special to the pets, however, King is special to a lot of people including me even though I never met him.
Thoughts and prayers are with you all at this particularly difficult time.

camkid said...

Jean, the photo of King and your blog were so beautiful. Thank you for posting and for the words. We visited Del and Mark a couple times. King was such a good boy and he sure loved the girls.