Thursday, July 2, 2015

When will it ....snow?

We are experiencing one of the hottest, driest springs and summers on record for this area.  My region's fire hazard is Extreme, and comments about living on Canada's "Wet Coast" are no longer even remotely accurate.  According to the local paper, in June we received about 4 mm of rain (less than the thickness of a nickel), compared to a typical June of about 36 mm.  May was also the driest on record.  And today?  Well, here's what the weather network showed for my little coastal village around 4:00 PM today:

For my American friends, 33 C is about 91 F;  36 is about 97 F.
Sincerely, your neighbour in the frozen north. 
It wasn't until I was cropping the page shot to remove the ads that I noticed the question/link on the right hand side:  

When will it.....SNOW?

Sadly, there is no snow in the foreseeable future.  Which is a shame, because for once I would not complain one little bit if it did snow for a few days.  

All I know is while Mitzi and I are melting into a puddle of water on the floor, a few items in my garden (which, due to our drought conditions, is already subject to significant water restrictions) are coping quite well.  

The raspberries and blueberries have been plentiful - blueberries are almost over, but my raspberries are everbearing and doing well.  Blackberries in the lanes around town are starting to ripen already, a good month ahead of schedule.  And last week, I picked the first tomatoes from my garden:

Still, as much as I love tomatoes, I'd be willing to wait another month for them if the weather would just cool down a bit.  

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