Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Littlest Cowpoke

Mitzi and I were up island horse sitting for a few days this week.  To my surprise, Ms. Mitzi loved it!  She took to farm life like, well, a farm dog.  She's just a lil ol' cowpoke at heart.

The Littlest Cowpoke

Watching the herd

The herd

Sniffin' fer cattle rustlers

Cattle rustler?

Another cattle rustler?

Restin' up after a long day's work

This cowpoke business is exhausting!

More photos of our adventure in a couple of days - first I have an impending deadline for my newspaper column, so photo editing will have to wait.


CarolineA said...

Who would have thunk Mitzi! Looks like you worked very hard and mama Jean probably got to put her feets up and drink coffee all day.

Marie said...

Looks like Mitzi really took to the range life, she would do well up here in sagebrush country!
Always love your postings and pictures, Jean.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Mitzi finding all those cattle (horse) rustlers. That's very brave of you. It's no wonder you were so tired after all the work. Glad to see they had a nice comfy couch for you to crash on.

Auntie Else.

Black Jack's Carol said...

My goodness, Mitzi! A farm girl at heart! I wouldn't have guessed but bless your Mama's heart for exposing you to new horizons! Black Jack would have been after that rabbit for sure. How did you restrain yourself? Or, did you? Perhaps that's why you were so played out at the end of the day :)

Jean said...

Carol, Mitzi didn't seem to even notice the rabbits (they tended to stay well away and disappear as soon as I tried to get any closer for a photo) - she is strictly a nose dog - think she must have some hound dog in her, as she loves to follow scent trails left behind by cats, rabbits, whatever. But when she encounters a cat, she quickly runs back to me! LOL