Friday, May 29, 2015

Whatcha Up to this weekend?

It's the giant Annual Cowichan and District SPCA garage sale at the Cowichan Exhibition Grounds on Hwy 1 just north of Duncan BC.  Sixteen thousand square feet of incredible deals, all well organized and all clean and priced.  This is not your average garage sale - last year we, the volunteers, raised over $40,000 for our local shelter via this sale, and credit must also go to the wonderful community of supporters who donated goods and of course who then attend and shop, shop, shop.

Some of the things in the furniture section this year

I was not on the core team this year, as I have been for several years past - the team that accepts the donations for months in advance, sorts them, prices them, boxes them, stores them. Instead, I opted to enjoy my spring, do some gardening, go on some Elder college day courses, explore some new areas.  I just helped unload trucks and open boxes on Thursday, and set up the toys and games tables today, and I'll be there floating around helping where I'm needed all weekend.  And I'm already tired, so I can only imagine how exhausted the core team is.

Part of the Toys and Games section I set up today

Please, if you live anywhere nearby, or want a great weekend trip further afield, do come support us.  If you think you might buy ANYTHING other than groceries in the next year - then we have something you need!  As for the food - Bob's Burgers will be whipping up your lunch, and Darlene has been baking like crazy to tempt your sweet tooth. The biggest and best garage sale on the island, if not in the whole province, will be open 8:30 - 3:00 both Saturday and Sunday.

Yes, we even have plants and lots of garden stuff!
And puzzles and pet stuff  and seasonal and kitchen
(oh do we have kitchen stuff!)
and crafts and linens and books and jewelry
and miscellaneous other stuff too!

Oh, and did I mention sports and tools too?
Camping gear, fitness stuff,,
you name it, we got it!

And clothes!  Fill a bag for just a few dollars!

So come.  Look.  Buy.  All proceeds go directly to the support the animals in our local shelter!

(But please leave your dogs at home - the weather is far too warm to leave them in your car even if you should find one of the very rare shady spots to park, and while dogs are allowed in the hall, the crowds and new environment are enough to make even the most laid back dog anxious.)

Mitzi:  Yeah, I'd much rather spend the day
snoozing on Mama Jean's bed!
Tee hee!

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Marie said...

Oh, Boy! Jean, I would love love love to attend this garage sale sometime, however an 8 hour trip to get there is a bit much!
That's how long it would take me to get there from here!
However, I do hope that they do well and top last year's funds for the SPCA.
Good luck and keep well ---- Mitzi has the idea!!