Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sometimes one needs a little inspiration....

I went to a presentation by the Ladysmith Camera Club last night, entitled "Dogs in Motion".  It was not only about how to achieve good photos of active dogs, but also demonstrated some interesting photoshopping techniques to use on those action shots.  It was the inspiration I needed to do two things:  post one of my favourite action shots of my friend Barb's dog Scooter, taken on a hike a couple of months ago (and yes, I will post more shots from that hike shortly); and play around some more with a free program called Picmonkey which allows me to do many of the things one can do in photoshop without tearing my hair out learning to do it.  The result was far from perfect, but given that I only spent an hour on it and that I had already deleted some of the shots I needed to really show what I wanted to show, I'm relatively happy with the results and eager to try some more action shots.  Anyone with a water dog wanna take a hike?

Anyway, here is the initial shot I had saved to post as part of a blog about that hike:


And here is the photoshopped (Picmonkeyed?) creation, inspired by the presentation I attended.

Leaping, bounding, water-loving Scooter!


CarolineA said...

That is pretty cool! Amazing what one can do with a camera and a program!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Jean, thanks so much for taking my picture that day at Swallowfield. I loves the water,fer sure. But my Mom is worried about the last photo with 7 shots of me...think she figures having just one of me is enough!!!! Scooter and his Mom

Jean said...

Ha Ha, Scooter, I was thinking exactly the same thing when I put it together!