Wednesday, April 1, 2015

They Know

I have never had dogs who were best buddies in the sense of playing together or sleeping together.  But in the last waning days of one of their lives, the other dogs (and even the cat) have always watched over them and lain close by.  Charley watched over Caleb, Sadie watched over Charley and Belle and Oliver, Eddie watched over Sadie....and now Mitzi and Eddie are watching over Shiloh.  She has not awakened for the past twelve hours. 


Anonymous said...

Oh dear,
Jean our thoughts/prayers are with all of you, for you & your beloved gang.

Marie said...

I'm sure a lot of us are deeply touched by the picture of Eddie and Shiloh.
We could learn a lot from these pets.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all, during this particularly difficult time.

CarolineA said...

That is a very powerful picture. Shiloh is protected and not alone
Brings tears to my eyes