Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bird on a Wire

I was doing some gardening yesterday when I heard the familiar sound of a hawk who, with a partner, is nesting in our neighbourhood.  I'm not sure if they are Merlins, Coopers Hawks, or young adult Sharp-Shinned Hawks, and my birding friends have mixed opinions.  But the larger of the two is quite fearless, and carried on a running patter of bird small talk while I circled right below to capture these shots:

I see you!

What do you want?

Get outta my face, lady!

Oh, really?  You're a bird lover?

Hey, everyone!
We got a live one here!
Says she's a "b i r d  l o v e r." 

So if you love birds so much,
where's our free lunch, eh?
Don't think I'm gonna share
with YOU! 


Marie said...

Neat pictures of the hawk, they are lovely birds.

Erika said...

Great photos!!

Anonymous said...