Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Best Laid Plans....

I fully intended to do another blog post today, possibly even prepare more than one so I could post several days in a row.  After all, I have been hiking two or three times a week since the beginning of the year, and there are lots of hikes to tell you about.  I could have blogged about climbing Mt. Tzouhalem for the very first time, with my friend Pat and her pom puppy Cosmo.

View of entrance to Cowichan Bay
from top of Mt. Tzouhalem

Or going back to hike the other side of Mt Tzouhalem on several other occasions with Pat, Cosmo, and her other new pom puppy, Lexi.

View of Maple Bay
from northeast side of
Mt. Tzouhalem

Or I could have blogged about hiking to Crofton Lake with my friend Margaret and Rajah, and coming back the long way with the great views.  Sadly, this could be one of my last hikes with them, as they are moving to another island this weekend.

View of Osborne Bay
from east side of Mt. Richards.

Or I could have blogged about the awesome hike with my friend Barb and her dogs Ollie, Scooter and Clancy.  They were a hoot, and I managed to capture this shot of Scooter the Springer Spaniel, one of my better shots so far this year:

But those stories and photos will have to wait for another day.  Today Allie, Shiloh, and Mitzi were all under the weather and causing me to worry.  Allie had the runs, and one bout of vomiting, starting yesterday evening and on through the night and morning.  She's been just fine since early this afternoon. Shiloh was a little off her food and had not had a poop since Monday afternoon. The addition of a little hemp seed oil to her breakfast and she finally did her business this evening.  Mitzi has been fussy fussy fussy about her food - an attitudinal thing, not a stomach thing, since she was quite happy to beg for  MY food or to take treats.  Tonight, day three of her self-imposed fast, she finally tucked in to a yummy meal  of poached sole and mashed potato.  She spit out the pieces of kibble though.

I'll eat what I want, when I want,
thank you very much!
And then, just as I thought everything was pretty much back to normal, Eddie sent my world into a tail spin. We were out for a walk just around dinner time when suddenly he collapsed on the road and had a full out, massive seizure - complete with tongue lolling, mouth foaming, eyes rolling, legs paddling, and finally total unconsciousness.  The active phase lasted 3-5 minutes, though felt much longer, followed by two or three minutes when I thought he was dying as he went completely limp with his tongue hanging out to the left, his breathing and heart so slow and shallow I couldn't hear/feel them. As he came out of it, I was able to get him to a nearby home belonging to someone I knew and she stayed with him while I ran home for the car.  By the time I came back, you'd hardly know anything had been wrong.

I'm okay now.
I think. 

So forgive me if I don't blog about any of those hikes tonight.  I shall try again tomorrow.  For now I need to watch over my critters and hope tomorrow is a better day - - for all of us.


Marie said...

Jean, I'm so glad that Eddie recovered from his seizure so well, I hope that he will be fine now, hugs for him.
Happy also that Allie finally had a "session" but,
Oh, my, Mitzi!!! with an attitude!! What's up with that, girl??? LOL
Love our four legged friends, don't we?

CarolineA said...

What worries, especially about Eddie. Wonder what caused that?
Sending hugs and healing vibes

Erika said...

How terrifying!
I hope he is now fine and it was a one-off.