Friday, March 20, 2015

Ships that Bleat in the Night

In the absence of my good camera lens to play with (yes, I'm saving money for a new one), I have been playing with a free online photo editing site (Picmonkey) which I have used in the past for collages, but recently discovered allows me to do a million other things that the limited photo editor on my computer doesn't let me do, and with a much less steep learning curve than Photoshop or Gimp. In this photo, the only thing I've changed is to add a script copyright/signature - something I've been wanting to do for ages.  Excuse me while I play....

The above photo was one I took a couple of weeks ago.  The dogs and I were awakened around 5:00 AM by the very loud and continual bleating of a fog horn - not the usual mild little ferry horn, but a "LOOK OUT BOATERS YOU DON'T WANT TO HIT ME !!! " fog horn.  It was still bleating around 7:30 AM when Shiloh and I took our morning walk to the beach. The fog was thick and the source of the sound was not visible.

The horn continued for almost six hours and suddenly - silence!  Eddie and I headed down to the waterfront as the fog lifted to reveal a cargo ship anchored in the bay right next to the ferry dock and blocking the public boat launch.  It was waiting for the tugboats to come swing it around so it could move into the mill wharf to the north in correct position for loading.  We are a deep sea port, but a small one - and the fog had been so thick on my earlier walk that I couldn't see even a shadow of this ship just a few hundred feet from shore!


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