Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Need a splash of spring?

Look what I discovered when I opened my patio blinds this morning!

And the nice thing is, they were freebies from the nursery a couple of years ago and I had forgotten they were there.

And remember my "alternative" Christmas tree, the winter jasmine that bloomed pretty much right on Christmas Day?  Well, I moved it to the patio just after Christmas and it is still blooming like crazy!

On recent hikes, the Indian plum bushes have been getting greener by the hour.  The leaves are starting to unfold now and all it will take is one afternoon of sun for them to be fully open.

Crocuses and snowdrops are everywhere on my hikes, and the budding daffodils in my garden are swelling quickly.  A rhodo a couple of streets over is fully in bloom.  But the tulips outside my patio doors are my favourite splash of spring.

"Splash" might be the operative word here.  Rivers are high, trails are muddy and riddled with runoff and pond-sized puddles, and my back yard is nothing but gumbo-type mud.  I'm thinking instead of spending $5000 on drainage back there the other year I should have just buried the money in a tin can.  Then I could dig it up, toss the dogs in the car, and take off until the mud dries up.

But, of course, that's life on the wet coast.  We have the flowers.  We have the birds.  We have the lovely scenery.  We have early spring.

So now all we need is sunshine.

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