Friday, November 14, 2014

All She Wants for Chrismas......

....Is a home of her very own!  This is Lucy the beagle mix, and she is looking for her forever home in or near southern Ontario, Canada. 

Hai! I'm Lucy! And I need a home!

(All photos and info used with Lucy's permission -
or at least that of her foster mom!)
I don’t usually profile out-of-province dogs here – heaven knows there are enough dogs in rescues and shelters right here in BC.  But Lucy has been in foster care for 528 days and counting – yes, you read that correctly.  Five Hundred Twenty-Eight Days.  A dog-forum-friend of mine just north of Guelph, Ontario is fostering her for Speaking of Dogs rescue.  And the rescue, the foster mom, and Lucy really, really, really want to find her forever home by Christmas.

A home of my own would be
even better than a stuffed kong!
Yes!  Really!

So I said I would help.  About 10% of my blog readers live in Ontario.  And  while 70% of my blog readers are in BC,  I bet at least half of those know people in Ontario. And even if those readers and friends can’t take on a dog, they also have friends in Ontario. You tell two people, and they tell two people, and so on and so on and so on.  And somewhere, somewhere among the 12 million or more people in Ontario (or within a short distance of its borders) is Lucy’s forever home.  They don’t have to live in Guelph, but Lucy can’t be shipped so they need to be close enough (within a few hours drive) for the home check, the transport, the follow up.  

I gotta be able to get to
your place by car!  
And,  like any responsible rescue, they are looking for the RIGHT home for Lucy.  Someone who has done their homework, read the information, has the right home, has the commitment, is willing to work with her.  In return, Lucy will give them tons of entertainment (just check out the videos on her facebook page!) and love. 

From Lucy’s facebook page:
My name is Lucy, and I've been in rescue for WAY too long. Will YOU take me home?
I’m a 7-year-old spayed female Beagle mix who weighs in at about 45 pounds. I was given away by the only family I ever knew May/2013 because they were having a baby. It was a sad day, but I guess I'm glad I didn't have to live with a baby! 
My foster parents say I am a good problem solver. I love my puzzle toys and Kongs. I’m a thinker and really thrive when I am kept busy with training and learning new things. Nothing makes me happier than the sights and scents of a trail hike. I need an owner who enjoys keeping up with my superior mind!
My foster parents say that I have the cutest wiggly greeting they've ever seen. I, of course, need to be holding my ducky or rabbit for the full effect. A favourite past time is balling up my blanket and sucking on a big chunk of it. You can see all the endearing things I do in the pictures and video on this page.
Even though my good points definitely outweigh the so-called “bad” ones, there are a few things my new people need to consider in order to ensure we are a good match: 
Dogs and children make me very uncomfortable, so I need to be in a home where there are no dogs or children younger than their mid-teens. I've been cat tested, and my foster parents said that I got a little too crazy to be able to live with one - but gosh I wish I could! (It would be so fun... for me, anyway) 
I’m still learning that dogs aren’t as bad as they appear, but they still upset me, so it’s important that my new person is able to help and protect me rather than punish me if I become upset or flustered. Whoever wants to take me home has to be ready to help me with this issue and go about it the right way - I know it can be frustrating to have a dog who barks and gets upset, but I'm just trying to save myself from those who frighten me!
A house would be the best place for me; I don’t bay like a hound and I certainly don't bark excessively, I will bark if I hear activity outside the window. I don't have any troubles with separation anxiety right now, but I used to, so my new forever people will have to help me transition into my new home.
I have two medications that I take daily, the total cost per month is less than $50. No big deal!
I’ve been waiting a long, long time for a forever home. Will you be my "happy-everafter"?

If you are interested in meeting me you can email Lorraine ( or Emily ( for an application.
Hope to meet you soon! Wags, Lucy
Pleeeease?  Find my forever home?
(How can you resist these eyes?)

So let’s see if we can’t help out my friend Emily and her foster dog Lucy by spreading the word.  Send a link to this blog page to everyone you know in Ontario or who might know people in Ontario, or share Lucy's facebook page and ask your facebook friends to share too.  And if you are part of a rescue organization, will the director give her a courtesy post? They can share her photos from here, share her facebook page, or send a message to the links below and the foster mom will send a bio and pictures.

Let’s help Lucy get the one thing she really, really, really wants for Christmas.  It’s not two front teeth.  It’s simply a forever home.  And it is out there waiting to hear about Lucy. Help spread the word. 
Where you’ll find out more:

Lucy’s rescue’s website: http/

Foster mom’s email:


CarolineA said...

Shared on my FB page, as I have Ontario connections :)

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Had a BC reader of my blog send me your link; I breed Aussies, however will post this on their FB page, also on a FB group I am admin to Pet Lovers of Bruce County, and on my own personal FB page, and will link into my own blog tonight.

I actually have a person in mind who might consider adopting Lucy.

Thanks for posting. Cindy@NorthofWiarton

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Hi I live in Brampton Ont.and have shared the facebook page

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Thank you so much for sharing this!