Sunday, November 23, 2014

Adventures with Cosmo!

By Eddie

Last week my mama took me for a hike at Swallowfield.   She didn't tell me she wanted me to meet her friend's new dog.

Well, he's not really a dog yet, he's just a puppy.  A fifteen week old pomeranian puppy named Cosmo.  A very very very very active puppy.  He likes to jump on me (I didn't like that and told him where to go!), and he likes to jump on the leaves and the grass and the bugs and the water and shoes and mud and, well, just about everything.  My mama sez he is just doin' what puppies do.  

Cosmo:  Hurry up, Mr. Eddie!
Eddie:  Yeah, yeah, you just bounce right on ahead.

Some people we met thought we looked a lot alike - like he was maybe a mini-me.  Dunno why they thought that - anyone can see I'm much handsomer than he'll ever be. [Jean:  EDDIE! Be nice!]

Why would people think we look alike?
At least I know enough to
face the camera!

Cosmo:  Yer kinda grumpy, ain't ya Mr. Eddie?

Mama took her big camera. And then all she did the whole time we was hiking was take pictures of the puppy.  So - spoiler alert - here come a ton of puppy pictures.  I don't know why people think puppies are so much fun.  They look like an awful lot of work to me.  I'm glad mama only adopts us old dogs.  Here's Cosmo playing in the leaves:

And here's Cosmo doing other stuff, like stalking shoes, and looking at the water, and posing :

Mama did take a few shots of the scenery, and of an eagle that thought Cosmo might be the perfect size for a snack:

Then we headed back to the cars, where Cosmo had to be dried off with a towel.  He was feeling pretty tired by then:

But I saved the best picture for last:  

[Dogs rule, puppies drool! Nyah nyah nyah!]


CarolineA said...

Wow Eddie, looks like you will have to show Cosmo the ropes. silly little pups eh, not refined like you

Anonymous said...

He is very cute. Don't worry Eddie he will grow up. In time! You were probably the same when you were a puppy, many moon ago.


Marie said...

Cosmo is cute Eddie but you are regal! Don't worry, you are still #1 in my books!

CAPB said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! Cosmo is very cute but I love the way the photo of Eddie is saved for the end.