Monday, August 25, 2014

Eddie's Big Day

Today (or maybe yesterday by the time I post this - August 24th) was Eddie's eleventh birthday.  He's  the baby of the household.

After taking Shiloh and Mitzi for their customary morning walks, Eddie and I strolled down to the beach checked out the action.

The first thing we saw was an alien being.  Or so Eddie thought.  A man with some huge contraption on his back, a  wooden propeller and gas tank attached.  Turns out it was some sort of gas-powered back-pack flying machine which, combined with a paraglider, was going to launch him over the waters and across the Salish Seas.  Having once been married to a glider pilot, I just had to hang around to watch!

Alien being walks the shores

Setting out the paraglider

Take off!

Oh-oh - the ropes get tangled,
the pilot gets whipped around,
and he's grounded!

I bet he hates it when people
see him mess up!

He struggled to get set up again, but the wind was dying down and there were too many boats in the bay, and so an hour later our intrepid motorparaglider pilot decided to pack it in.

Eddie and I headed back home, where the real festivities began.  First, of course, he had to choose his party hat:
How about this one?

Or this one?

It looks pretty good
when I hold my head up!

There's a bird on my head!

Rather flattering,
don'tcha think?

How about if I put on
my serious face?

He finally decided upon the traditional brightly coloured paper cone and proudly posed while demonstrating restraint as he eyed his present -  a box of delicious Organic Beef Kali Wags snacks, placed in front of him with a firm "Leave It!" command.  Such a good boy!

Happy Birthday to Me!

After being given the "Take It" command, he checked out the treats, gobbled down as many as I would let him, and headed off for a nap.  I checked out the garden - the flowers, the tomatoes, the goldfinches at the feeder:

Later in the afternoon, his friend Tanner dropped by.

Hey buddy, Happy Birthday!
Is this where the pawty is?

He brought his mom, Else, who brought beer for me and more gifts for Eddie - raw beef bones, cooked turkey meat, and a bag of Fruitables skinny-minis.


Eddie had to practice his "leave it" command once again - then the bones and turkey disappeared into the freezer alongside his frozen herrings and raw chicken backs.  I get one shelf in my upright freezer - the rest is all dog or cat food. He did get some of the skinny-minis though, to which he gave two paws up.

His friends went home, he had another nap and then dinner. And finally, of course, Eddie had to have his birthday cake - a small tub of greek yogurt decorated with dog cookies and hidden in the freezer for an hour or two.  This year he got the whole thing to himself, as Shiloh and Mitzi have recently recovered from tummy upsets and are not allowed anything but their regular foods.  They weren't impressed.

Whaddaya mean, no cake for us?

Eddie, on the other hand, said "All the more for me!" and dove right in.  To heck with "leaving it" so mom can get a photo!

Eddie's cake




Another walk in the evening, and his day was done.

He'd like to remind you, though, that Tuesday is World Dog Day.  He has a sneaking suspicion the cat is going to hide the computer that day so no one can blog about it.

Who wants to read about
World Dog day?
I think I'll see what's on TV. 

Happy Eleventh Birthday, Eddie, and happy World Dog Day to all my doggy friends.


CarolineA said...

Happy birthday Eddie! You sure had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie. I'm so glad I could celebrate your Birthday with you.
That cake looks yummy. Lucky you.

Love Tanner.

Sheryl said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Eddie. Wow, you are a lucky dog. My Daisy also has a birthday on August 24th (her 9th) and all she got was a kiss on the nose and me singing Happy Birthday to her. (I'm not going to tell her about your Birthday Cake!)

Janice Gillett said...

Happy BD good boy!!! That was a fun read