Sunday, March 9, 2014

Morning Surprise

The late winter snow storm set the spring flowers back a little, though as the days grow longer the blossoms are appearing in leaps and bounds.  On our walks around town this week, we spied early rhodos, yellow forsythia, acres of snowdrops and crocuses, primulas, winter pansies, and yes, even a few cherry blossoms.

My own garden is off to a slow start.  The usual order of bulbs is snowdrops in January or early February, followed by crocuses mid February, hyacinths late February to early March, then daffodils by mid to late March, and tulips some time in April.  My crocuses  just bloomed this week, the hyacinth are just beginning to develop their small purple heads close to the ground, my daffodils are gaining height and the buds swelling so should open in a couple more weeks.  That would mean the tulips would still be a month away.

So imagine my surprise when I slipped out to my side patio this morning to pick some fresh chives for my omelet and saw this:

Tulips! In bloom!  And on the north side of the house in the narrow space between my house and the next, where there is little sun or light in winter!  Spring IS here, let the world rejoice!

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