Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hiking again at last

It has been a few weeks since we went hiking with our buddy Keaghan - first snow, then wind, then ill health kept us from going out on our usual treks in the bush.  But Sunday afternoon was the perfect day to return to Richard's Mountain, starting from the trail at the end of Escarpment Way.  We hadn't gone far before we ran into another frequent user of the trail, a very nice dog named Rusty and his human, Sharon. They were on their way back down, but turned around to walk with us a short way in order to show us the trailhead for another route.

People ahead!

Hey, it's mah pal Rusty!
Eddie really likes Rusty - I just about fell over with surprise when the two started dancing around and play bowing at each other - Eddie very, very seldom ever plays with another dog.  He's just not that sorta guy. Perhaps he had a touch of spring fever.

The skunk cabbage is showing its brilliant yellow blooms now, popping up in the shallow pools and marsh of the forest.

Keaghan always has to go for a paddle wherever water is found: 

The forest landscape had completely changed since our last hike up the mountain - the winter snows and high winds had destroyed many  trees and flattened the bushes.  The trails and brush were covered with broken boughs,

and we got our exercise climbing over or crawling under a number of trees that now criss-cross the trails.

Keaghan:  Eddie, you'll have to get yer mom
to help you over this! 

The recent rain and spring sunshine has brought out the toadstools on the mossy rocks, turning the area into a little fairyland,

Nearing the top, the sunlight filtered through the trees,

And soon we were looking across the valley to Duncan and beyond:

Eddie got the zoomies in the clearing where we stop, and Keaghan checked to see if the view was any better from the top of a colourful rock:

And soon it was time to head home:

C'mon, let's go!

Eddie:  "Hey!  Warn me before you stop to gaze at something, silly!"

Eddie said the only disappointment of the day was the shortage of cookies:

You WILL remember the treat bag next time!  


CarolineA said...

I'm so happy you took us for a hike again!
Only one question though, how can Eddie stay that gorgeous looking? He's just always wonderfully coiffed,lol.

Jean said...

Caroline, all the shelties who have lived with me have been incredibly easy to keep clean - the dirt just seems to fall off their fur once it dries. Eddie does go to a groomer every couple of months, but to be honest he only gets brushed at home about once a week, if that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures of my favourite blog subject...Keaghan! You take such wonderful photos of him.

Isn't it nice to see Eddie excited about and wanting to play with a dog friend? I used to love it when my old dog came upon another dog he wanted to socialize with. It didn't happen often but when it did, it warmed my heart.