Wednesday, October 2, 2013

To My Mother on her 95th Birthday

Reflections along the dike

You have been there for me through scraped knees and broken hearts.
You sewed up my teddy bears and opened up your arms.
You listened when I was struggling and applauded when I achieved.
You mothered, not smothered,
And comforted, but never pandered.

You taught me about wild flowers and mountain trails,
And you chased bears from our campsite by banging pots and pans.
You walked with me on beaches, and drove with me on backroads,
Still eager to explore, even in your eighties.

And now I write you letters that someone reads to you,
And the phone is silent, for it is too hard for you to use,
Speech slurred, memory foggy, hands unsteady,
Body trapped in chair or bed,
But heart still loving me as mine loves you.

Today you are 95.
I walked the dike of the Cowichan River estuary
with a friend and the dogs,
And I thought of  how you would have loved this place.
And though you cannot see this, mom,
These pictures are for  you -
Because you were right there,  with me, deep inside my heart.

May you always know you are loved.

Cowichan River

Mary's dog, Heidi, looking toward Cowichan Bay

Heron taking flight

Mary and Sadie B
(who is staying with me)

Red seeds and white lichen.
Winter will soon be here. 



Mary said...

A lovely tribute to your Mom. I had tears in my eyes reading what you wrote. Thank you for sharing her day with us.

georgia little pea said...

I am teary too. 95 is a grand age. Happy birthday Jean's mum x

Anonymous said...

Tears here too. My mom would be 97 next month and although it's been four years since she passed, there are places and things that trigger memories of her or that make me think "mom would like this", and I know she's with me still, always in my heart. Thank you for sharing this moving tribute. It's a little belated but I wish your mom comfort and peace in this last stage of her life.

Deb S.

Del said...

Today I returned home after a very scary family medical emergency. I'm catching up on all my reading.

Thank you so much for writing this lovely poem to your mom.
It made me cry, but with love in my heart.
Families of all kinds are so important!

Happy Belated Birthday Aunty Jeans Mommy!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mom on her birthday.