Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving

"Over the river and through the woods"

I'm thankful our Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, and not merely the precursor of Commercial Christmas with hardly time to digest the Thanksgiving meal before beginning to cook the Christmas one, as is the case in the Excited States.

With Thanksgiving in October, we have the perfect timing for a true harvest meal with the last of the fresh-from-the-garden produce to fill the plates and the first of the crispy autumn apples to fill the pies.

With Thanksgiving in October, we have the perfect setting, with fall colours at their prime  - happy trees bedecked in reds and yellows not from artificial Christmas lights but from nature herself.

With Thanksgiving in October, the day is bright and sunny, yet the sun is low enough in the sky by mid afternoon to capture the magic of a spider's web.

Spider's web in sunlight

With Thanksgiving in October, we have fall flowers sending sunny smiles from each pot and plot.

Two years ago, someone gave my mom a wee little potted chrysanthemum when they visited her at her care facility.  When I visited a few weeks later, she gave me the little pot, blossoms dead but roots alive.  I planted it in my garden.  Today it is over two feet high and three feet across and makes me smile everytime I look at it.  Mums from my mum. So fitting.

Mums from my mum

With Thanksgiving in October, the morning sun hits the cold night air and the mists rise from the waters creating scenes that take my breath away.

Morning Mist rising over Osborne Bay

I'm thankful for so many things - the beauty of the world around me, the friends and family that are always here for me and especially during these past difficult weeks, the critters with whom I share my life.

I'm thankful that Allie is back to being a Naughty Tortie, scattering my papers, opening my kitchen cupboards in the dark of night, hollering "me first, me first" when it's time to feed the four legged crew.

I'm thankful that Mitzi, who has been very under the weather the past ten days, seems to be almost back to normal.  I'm thankful that Eddie, whose seasonal allergies have been driving him and me crazy and whose ear became infected, is no longer spitting out the benadryl and is gradually tolerating his daily ear treatments.

I'm thankful that life is slowly getting back to normal for a while.

And I'm thankful for you, my readers.  Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Autumn.

Autumn Sunset


Brigid said...

I'm thankful for you, too, Jean - you always manage to give me a "wow" moment with your wonderful photographs, and your writing always gives us a little window on your life. I love how you share your joys and sorrows with us all - your tributes to those you've lost have frequently moved me to tears. I'm grateful to be connected, even at log-distance

King and Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving Aunty Jean
Once again Thank you for sharing your amazing photography!
Stay safe, stay healthy and most of all Stay Happy!
Hugs n Tail Wags
♥ ♥ ♥

Mary said...

Happy Thanksgiving , Jean.
Glad your four legged friends are all feeling better.
Take care and enjoy this gorgeous day!

Caroline A said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jean and furry crew!

I'm very thankful you always take us along on your adventures.

Ellen Nickerson said...

I love your blog and photos. You share your life with all who read your blog.You are a person who can keep smiling when it seems like your world is crashing down around you.Happy fall.

Marie said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Autumn to you as well. I am thankful to people like you, who write such beautiful blogs that I can enjoy.
Lovely pictures as well.
Thank you!

Dawn said...

Miss those beautiful autumn colours here in California. I feel such a strong connection to you and your furry friends, Jean.

Dom said...

Happy Thanksgiving :) Gorgeous colors. Wow.