Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spinning in a Vortex

No, I have not abandoned the blog, nor the series I am doing on the importation of dogs.  I am, however, spinning in a vortex - or it feels like it.  Family matters, rescue matters, dog matters, life matters - an abandoned dog (now safe), a neglected and abused dog (now safe), a visiting dog (Sadie B), a neighbour in hospital leaving her dog to be cared for, mom not doing well, and a newspaper column to write (done!).  And, of course, all the usual stuff.

That would be ME - I'm "the usual stuff". 

Me to!  I'm usual!

Before using the word "vortex" in the title of this blog, I double checked  the dictionary to make sure it was what I thought it was.  It was.  But I had to smile when I saw this statement in Wikipedia describing vortices:  "Once formed, vortices can move, stretch, twist, and interact in complex ways. A moving vortex carries with it some angular and linear momentum, energy, and mass."  (

So maybe I'm not spinning in a vortex.  Sounds more like I AM the vortex.  

I promise to get back to blogging soon.  

Not 'til after you throw the damn ball, lady!


Lady May said...

lol Aunty Jean? I think Eddie has the right idea... Just go throw the damn ball!

Jean said...

Ha ha, Lady May, I know a few four-footed (or three, in your case) hairy vortices!!!
And that's not Eddie with the ball, that's Sadie B, who is staying with us for the next three weeks. Eddie doesn't chase balls - unless they are cheese balls or meat balls!

Anonymous said...

Jean, I am really enjoying your thought provoking series on the importation of dogs to Canada. There is an opinion lurking in the dark recesses of my mind but I will keep it to myself until I read the rest of your series. Sending best wishes and positive thought to you for your mom's health.

Caroline A said...

The pictures make me crack up.