Monday, September 30, 2013

Possible Breaking News - UPDATE!

As far as we can determine, the information below is NOT correct.  One importer spent hours on the phone, being passed from government agency to government agency, and was finally told by the vet responsible for some aspect of the import regulations that the statement ONLY applies to pups under the age of 8 months, and they have only ever been allowed to be imported to rescues from disaster areas.  Apparently the border crossing security people were ignoring this clause, as were importing rescues, so the statement was meant to reinforce it.  Again, the vet stressed it ONLY applies to pups under the age of 8 months.

HOWEVER,  that said, today at 11:00 AM I accessed the AIRS sytem, searched using "dogs over 8 months" being imported from California to Canada, and the statement below is at the top of the page on regulations.  

My best guess is that someone with some inside connection to a registered importer or government employee with rights to post on AIRS has put this up as a hoax.

I am still awaiting confirmation from CFIA, and won't post the third and last of the importing series until that is received.  

Original post:

The following statement has come through the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS), an electronic system for distributing information as quickly as possible to various Canadian government agencies and interested parties:  

"Please note that the importation of rescued dogs will 

no longer be permitted after November 1, 2013."

(Source: )

This is in recommended directive to the Canadian Border Agency.  We will confirm it with CFIA (Canadian Federal Inspection Agency, the branch of government responsible for the regulations on importation of dogs) when their offices open tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Great News.
Do remember reading up on this a few years back. That pups under a certain age did not require vet pre-screening to be imported, but within a certain time frame the pup must go to a Canadian vet. Wonder who followed up on that?
~ Hope new Reg's will cover all the loopholes ~.
Considering how many NEW 'import groups' seemed to be appearing on a daily basis in the last few years - perhaps with New Reg's coming out - the playing field is going to get leveled out.
Sure a few big black dogs here in Canada would support changes on their behalf. Canadian Provinces are not equal in how animals fare when needing a new home. Importing from our own Provinces could become the new Vogue in imports?

Anonymous said...

Will this apply to greyhounds as well?

Jean said...

At this point, I recommend anyone planning to import rescue dogs of any age or breed contact CFIA directly for clarification and necessary permits. And keep copies of everything!