Saturday, November 26, 2011

Magic Moments with Diva Dover

Magic moments from today:
--Waking up to the snuffle, snorkle, oink oink oink of a wee little piggy in the next room.

--Hearing that snuffle, snorkle, oink oink oink rise to a cacophony of squeals and screams and moos and clucks and grunts and chatters of a hysterical diva-in-training who wants her breakfast NOW!

--Watching her learn to roll a ball, pushing it around the room with her wee little snoutie.

--Seeing her push and pull and tug and knead her blanket to get her bed 'just right'.

--Discovering that today, on Day 3, she has decided I am the cat’s meow (or the piggy’s oink) as she suddenly climbs on my lap for a cuddle after play.

May I come up here, pwease?

You makes a good cushion, Auntie Jean!

I'z sleepy.  I'z gonna haz a nap now.

-- Listening to her scream every time she sees me – not from hunger but from her demand for attention.

-- Feeling incredibly ‘needed’ by this little piggy, and caving to her demands to play EVERY SINGLE TIME.

-- Knowing that I would have made the perfect grandmother: Spoil the kid rotten for a few days and then send her back home.

Dover and I are having a blast. By Tuesday she will be truly, totally, a full-fledged Diva. And then I will hand her back to Sandi.  <<< insert evil grin here>>>  

Dover, in black and white


Anonymous said...

That little Piggy is too cute for words !!!!... and so smart
How big do you guess she will become ?
She is presumably up for adoption??

Jean said...

Wendy, her adult size is anybody's guess. A fullgrown Berkshire is 600-700 pounds, but her current weight (about 2 pounds) is well below that of the other twelve pigs in the litter, who are the more typical 20-25 pounds and about the size of a small pitbull. Whether she is a genetic anomoly and will remain small, or whether she wil eventually catch up is a huge unknown.

Once she has achieved a safe weight (she is still considered at risk, and hand raised orphans have a high mortality rate in the first 12 weeks), she will be spayed and available for adoption. I'll write more in the next couple of days about the type of home we will be looking for, but it is a given she is to be a companion pig for life, not someone's dinner.

If readers are interested or know of someone who is, contact the Cowichan and District SPCA to fill out an application, or ask to speak to Sandi for more information on Dover.

georgia little pea said...

I didn't know pigs climb into laps for cuddles! The Other Half is beside me going "Don't eat pigs! Be a vegetarian!"

sharon mack said...

What a little cutie. I love the white tip of the ear, makes her look LA TE DA!

Janice Gillett said...

I hope they give her a girls name soon ;o)) Clover would be much nicer for such a pretty little pig ..

Yes that screaming weeing reminds me of Rose , and Comet and and and and lol

Jean said...

Aw, Janice, I love the name Dover. I don't know who named her, or why that chose that name, but when I did some searching online for the meaning, if find it is Celtic for "the waters", but is also a variant of Dove - meaning mild and gentle (a little wishful thinking!) - which was a name used for either sex in the Middle English era.