Monday, September 19, 2011

In my next life....

In my next life, I'm going to adopt goldfish.  Not dogs.  Not old dogs.  Not furry old dogs.  Especially not double-coated, long haired, furry old dogs. 

They are both blowing their coats.  Even though they receive professional grooming every other week, I am still able to remove a grocery bag full of fur from them every day when it is coat-blowing time. 

To make matters worse, the recent spate of hot weather brought on a flea epidemic outdoors.  And fleas love dense-double-coated, long haired, furry old dogs.  So even though I have not had to use flea prevention for many years (a dog with a healthy immune system generally doesn't need it),  this month I have had to dose all the animals with a pharmaceutical preventative,  dust my house and yard with diatomaceous earth, spritz the dogs' fur with citrus, wash the bedding (theirs and mine, since Sadie and Allie sleep on my bed) daily, vacuum twice a day, and I'm beginning to think....GOLDFISH! 

I'm also wondering why the heck I have eight dog beds for two dogs.  That's a lot of laundry. Unfortunately they like all their beds and give me the big stink-eye if I dare to even think about removing any.

Just to make things even more exciting, both the dogs are sensitive to flea bites and won't stop nibbling and scratching even though there's no evidence of fleas on the spots they are nibbling and scratching.  But then they create hotspots.   So Charley is wearing a soft E-collar, and Sadie (who has quite the allergy to fleas, and a very strong chewing action) has managed to develop an abscess on her spine which is now bandaged up and her belly wrapped with purple vetwrap.  Quite the fashion statements, my two dogs!

Of course, Sadie's ouchies mean more vet visits and more vet dollars.  I swear these two cost more to look after than my two-legged child ever did!

Goldfish.  I'm gonna adopt goldfish next time round.  I just have to figure out a way to teach fish to walk on leash and cuddle on the bed. 


Caroline said...

we had fish, goldfish and tropical ones. The goldfish was eaten by the cat in a moment of distraction by me, I felt so bad about that. The tropical fish needed their tank cleaned all the time (goldfish never did live long enough to have it's tank cleaned) and when they were not doing very well, I was told to take a water sample and have it analyzed at the pet store. Turned out the fish had stress and required stress drops. The only one needing stress drops was ME!
Cats and fish don't mix though Allie would never tell you that! You can have the biggest and heaviest lid on the fish tank but sooner or later you will have to clean the tank and that is when Allie will strike!
Maybe take up knitting. Just imagine the warm doggie sweaters you will be able to wear this winter if you use their coats to create sweaters and socks, hats, scarves, mittens...
In my next life I'm just getting carpet that's the same colour as my dogs' coats. SIGH

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

Great idea :)

Anonymous said...

LOL..I have herding breeds always..nothing better but yes the coats are work..and actually funny you should mention I too was at the vets with my little sheltie yesterday because she has some bad hotspots which she has never had armed with Antibiotics, special shampoo and hibitane we are going to work on this problem..and maybe she and us will get some sleep.poor girl..the clumps of hair around here I swear she is going to be bald...I must say tho the antibiotics seemed to kick in very quickly and her tummy isn't hardly pink at all..she just got her shampoo...good luck Jean
PS our Border Collie is still growing in her hair from her bear encounter so no issues yet for her.

Anonymous said...

Ah - the fur us "herding dog moms" deal with.

I am just today trying to decide whether to retire my trusty vacuum, or buy a new one. I have replaced/repaired about 5 power heads on it due to the lovely binding capabilities of Sheltie hair, wound around (and around) the power head.

Sorry about the fleas Jean, even though I live in a neighborhood with many dogs, it hasn't been an issue this year. So far. But when it happens, tons of work for the human.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh my, I so-o-o hear you! Fleas, touch wood, haven't been an issue this year, but they drive me CRAZY. And, my first dog was a Border Collie cross, and the shedding/hotspot thing was annual. That problem was solved by changing her food to one that I know you won't consider, but she thrived on it from ages 12-18. I resorted to it when "all else failed." Anyhow, just know that thoughts are with you. As one comment stated, goldfish are more work than they appear, and the darn things die at quite an alarming rate. Knitting.. yeah, knitting:)

And, what's this about a bear encounter? That and/or cougar encounter may be my worst nightmare. Tell me you're not in the Lower Mainland, Cheryl!

Jean said...

Caroline, you made me laugh! But I bet goldfish vet bills don't run as high as dog vet bills (another $398 today!), and goldfish bodies are - ahem - a lot cheaper and easier to dispose of.
Cheryl, my Sadie is now also sporting a large shaved back and side, poor girl - but fortunately not from anything as traumatic as the bear attack. I'm so glad your brave girl is recuperating well.
(Readers: you'll find the story of Stella and the Bear here:

Anonymous said...

Yes it was the lower mainland..ugh
Stella had her final check up yesterday and is doing wonderfully..she is back to being a total border collie, running chasing machine and her hair is slowly growing in..they took pictures yesterday at the clinic and they laughed saying she was really into it..a total Diva..I have not seen any fleas on our girls yet..I hope not too also..enough vet bills already..
Poor Sadie..she will be itchy when the hair starts growing back..Cheryl

EvenSong said...

Hey! Horsie vet bills top them all!

Jean said...

Evensong, you got me there! I guess I should look on the bright side and be thankful I have two old dogs and not two old horses!

Dom said...

Next life I'm going with hamsters instead of horses, so I wholeheartedly support this entry.