Friday, September 16, 2011

Asleep at the switch - and a call for sponsors


The problem with acronyms is that they can stand for more than one thing. I put “FF” on my calendar on the second Friday of each month, to remind me to do a Fundraiser Friday post to alert readers to upcoming rescue events, or tell you about specific animals in need, and simply motivate you to think of little ways you, your friends, or your workplace could help even if time and money are tight.

Problem is, last week I was asleep at the switch.  I saw “FF” on the calendar for September 9th and thought – "Oh yes, Fall Fair !!!"

Ah well, story of my life, sooner or later the lightening bolt hits me and I slap my hand against my head and go “Gaggggggghhhh!” This time it was later rather than sooner – a week later. So today, one week late (and then just under the wire for Friday's date!), is my Fundraiser Friday for September.

This month,  I’m hoping that we can find four good people – or four good groups of friends, or four good workplaces, or four good community organizations - who might each be able to commit $25 a month to sponsor a little piggy at Hearts on Noses Sanctuary. Twenty five dollars a month provides financial security for one pig – pig feed and fruit and veggies, money for vet bills and bedding and pen maintenance. Twenty five dollars ensures happy, healthy pigs.

And there are four little pigs, from the twelve I fostered, who are still looking for sponsors. I'd love to find them sponsors through this blog.

Toddy, Swizzle, Rob Roy and Lizzie are the only ones in my bunch who still need sponsorship. They are four years old, spayed/neutered, healthy piggies.

Rob Roy and his brother, Whisper

Rob Roy is a bit of a Velcro pig, and loves attention; Swizzle is a bit less courageous around newcomers but will soon win your heart.

Swizzle checks out a new abode

Who can resist Toddy, who has a fascinating white tip on his tail which he swishes through the air, back and forth, like some porcine Picasso. He really needs a piece of canvas and a pot of paint to make full use of that tail! .

Toddy's Tail

Lizzie is the only girl in the herd, and she has her mama’s attitude and edgyness – a little Ms Piggy who knows what she wants and will tell you in no uncertain terms.

A young Lizzie chats with Mama Soda

If you, or a group you belong to, sponsor a piggy, you’ll get a photo of your sponsored pig, an official sponsorship certificate, and updates on the pig’s wellbeing. And you’ll get a warm feeling all the way to your toes.  Every time you look at the photo you’ll get a great big “happy” in your heart.

And – bonus - you’ll have fun watching your friends’ reaction when you flash the photo in front of them and proudly say “This is MY boy!” (or, in the case of Lizzie, “This is MY girl!”) .

Maybe a year’s piggy sponsorship would make a great gift for you to give that person who has everything, or for the person who insists they want nothing. Or maybe you and four friends could each pitch in $5/month to sponsor a pig as a joint project. Or might this be a great charity for your workplace to take on? One dollar a month for each of twenty five employees - fifty cents each if your employer will match it? You can even arrange to come out to meet your sponsored pig (and all the others), maybe make it a community service day and show off your bright yellow gumboots and Farmer Jones overalls as you  lend a hand around the place, entertained by happy, social, sponsored pigs.

The pigs will be sure to welcome you:

Piggies waiting to meet their sponsors!

Who can’t help but feel great when faced with a piggy snoutie or a piggy smile? Please help if you can.

Smiling, happy pig

Snouties up!
Smiling Papa Scotch

More snouties up!
(Photo by Red Dog Photography)

And another piggy smile for you!

Please sponsor us!

And bring icecweam tooooooo!

For further information contact Janice at Hearts on Noses, by emailing heartsonnoses (at) shaw (dot) ca. Put “I’d like to sponsor a pig” in the subject line! To learn more about the pigs I fostered, search for 'pigs' on this blog - there's 155 entries and dozens of photos of them! 

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Thank you so much Jean for this awesome post filled with so many CUTE pictures um i mean pigtures!!