Saturday, January 26, 2008

We has a feast!!

Hi, this is Toddy and I’m one of the little piglets and my foster mama is letting me use her ‘puter.

We is vewy excited. Yesterday our foster mama took the dogs to the park for a run with Auntie Ewwen’s dogs, and Auntie Ewwen had a WHOLE TWUNKFUL of goodies for us that some nice produce place had given her. She had a big big bag of gweens like lettuce an spinach an cewery an bok choy an kale an cawwot tops. We loves greens, specially in winter when there’s no new gwass growing in our piggy yard.

AND she had a WHOLE BOX of fwuits and vegables for us. We LOVE fwuits and vegables. We gots bananananas (they is our favourites) an blackbwerries (no, they is our favourites) an apples an pears an mushrooms an peppers (not the hot kind, the other kind!) an tomatos (oh, they is our favourites) and blackbewwies (did I mention blackbewwies – they is our favourites!!!) an all sorts of stuff. Foster mama says there is enough to last us for at least a week or two.

After we ate our grains this morning, our foster mama spread some fwuits and veggies in the yard for us and we had a paaarty!!!

Thanks Auntie Ewwen – you is the best Auntie in the world. And thank you for the long tube which we played with before beds last night an for the soccer ball too – our foster mama says she doesn’t know much about soccer but she figures there’s enough of us to start our own team an maybe we can win a gold medal.

We’d rather win a box of bwackbewwies and tomatos and bananananas – piggies can’t eat gold medals.

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