Saturday, January 19, 2008

The piglets trash the barn

The piglets wrote this on Thursday, to their very good friends The Piggy Lady (Janice of Hearts on Noses) and Auntie Ewwen (a piggy fan and volunteer). They are a little challenged on the computer (try typing with trotters instead of fingers!) and their spelling leaves a bit to be desired, but enjoy:

Dear Piggy Lady and Auntie Ewwen:

We has been vewy naughty piggies today. Our foster mama made us get up in de middle of the night for our breakfast cuz she had ta leave early for werk. It was still vewy DARK out. An then she was gone all day an it was startin to get dark again and we was vewy vewy hungwy.

Well, we guess maybe she was pwetty tired this morning at o-dark-thirty becuz she forgots to put the extra bar on the gate from our beddy stall to the big barn an maybes she didn’t lock the latch properly or maybes we is just vewy vewy smart piggies but we busted that gate open and had a lot of fun making our own dinner in the big barn. We knocked over three garbage bins of yummy garbage and spread it evewywhere and cleaned all the food wappers an evewythin. Then we pulled all the tarps off the straw and alfalfafafafa and had LOTS of fun spreading that all over the barn too. We didn’t eat all the alfalfafafafa though, just maybe a flake or two. And a half bale of straw. An some hay. An the tweet can –we gots the lids off that and ate all the tweets ‘cept we got interrwupted cuz we ended up leaving sum peanuts an we loves those best!

An we knocked over the garbage bin with the alpacacaca foods in it. It tastes way better than piggy food so we ates some of that too. But we didn’t’s have time to eat all of it, just about a small pail full maybes. And we knocked over the apple box but we couldn’ts get into it, so we took some more tarps and dragged them all over the place and sum blankies too. We didn’ts bother wiv getting into the containers that holds our piggy food though because we gets that all the time so its not fun. We dids knock over a big water pail cuz we were thirsty an Papa Scotch had dumped our water bowls in the stall. Hmmm….we knocked over some saw horses – that scared us! And a bunch of empty pails too.

When we heard foster mama's car turn into the driveway just as it got darks, we hightailed it out of their and were all just wandering around in the pig yard when she came into the barn. Then we looked real innocent and scared – cuz even though she didn’t yell or nothing we knew she was not happy. We didn’t go “wee wee wee oink oink grunt oof oof” like we usually do when she comes home – we stayed out in the yard and we ran aways from her when she came out there and lined up along the fence as far aways as we could. Even RobRoy would only go about a foot or two from her and wouldn’t let her scratch him, and he's the biggest wuss who is always sucking up to her!

We made her think something hads scared us and maybe it was some other animals that trashed the barn. And she still wonders bout that cept if it was some other animals we woulds probably be hurts or deaded. An besides, if it was some other animal then we woulds have still wanted our supper but we didn’t – while our Foster Mama was pickin up the garbage, we all went vewy quietly into our stall an snuggled down in the straw and blankies an went to bed. We knows naughty little piggies get sent to bed wiv out any dinner!!!

We’s sowwy foster mama. We won’t do it again, we pwomise.

Love Scotch an Soda an Derby an Whisper an Tom an Toddy an Lizzie an RobRoy an Rickey an Fizz and Spritzer an Swizzle


Jeano said...

Ha ha! Pretty funny story! Those piggies were busy busy busy! I love the parts about dragging tarps and blankies around and then putting themselves to bed. Hilarious!

Sherri said...

I never thought pigs could be so much fun until you started talking about yours on ODO. I love the piggie stories! And wow, what smart critters they are!

I'm sorry you had a mess to deal with, but I sure enjoyed a chuckle reading about it.