Sunday, May 13, 2018

The best gift a dog mom could receive....

The best gift that a mom could receive is the knowledge that their youngun' - be it human or furry - is happy and confident and feels safe.  My human child, an adult for some years now, has grown into an amazing woman and while I won't say I never worry about her, I no longer feel responsible for her wellbeing, her happiness, or her safety.  The critters, however, are another matter.

As a 'mom' to a seventeen year old cat in kidney failure, and a rather anxious and fearful dog around 8-10 years old with severe allergies,  I worry about them constantly.  But I also marvel at their resiliency, their intelligence, their ability to communicate their needs, and their sensitivity to my moods.  And each time I find myself smiling at something they have done, or sighing with exasperation when they become demanding little tyrants, or drifting off to sleep with one or the other snuggled up against me, I am grateful for the bond that we have.

This past week my anxious, fearful, barky Maggie gave me an incredible early Mother's Day gift.  We spent the week at Saratoga Beach, up island, sharing a cabin right on the beach with my friend Pat and the poms. I had been worried it would be too much for Mags - sharing space, living with other dogs, being somewhere new.  Instead, Maggie was in heaven - relaxed, happy, quick to learn, moving from on leash to long line to off leash with the delight of a four year old working her way through a candy store.

I have hundreds of photos from the week, of course, but those will take a while to prepare.  And so I shall share just a few - some images of my happy, happy girl who gave me the best Mother's Day gift ever: a brief glimpse at the dog she will become over time - happy, confident and feeling safe. We're back home now and she is her somewhat edgy self again, but now I know there is a happy inner pup who only needs the right environment and the right approach to let that puppy out to play.

Happy Mother's Day to all you dog moms- may your critters share their joy with you.

C'mom. mom - Let's go!

Mom, I've been dragging this long line for awhile now, and it's getting
kinda heavy with the sand and water!

See, I can stay really well without you holding the leash!
Okay Mags, we'll try you off leash - 'Away' ...'Stay'.......
Can I 'come' now?
Here I come!

I'm runnin' so fast, I left two of mah legs behind!

Hi. Mama!  I'm here! 

I loves this beach!
Can we lives here forever?


CarolineA said...

For all of us who follow your blog, this is a cheering moment too. Magic happened on that beach! To me, it shows the unconditional love and dedication you give to each soul that comes through your door. I will always remember you as the short order cook for little tiny piglets and parents, getting up at the crack of dawn to cook a proper warm breakfast for them, every morning without fail. And singing to papa piggy. Happy Mother's Day Jean!

Jean said...

Thanks Caroline - those piggy days were certainly a memorable part of my life. If I still had the energy and the property, I'd do it all over again! Such an amazing experience, such amazing animals!

Marie said...

How sweet, thanks for sharing your special time. Happy Mother's Day to you as well.

Del said...

What a wonderful post! I feel the FREEDOM! You made me laugh and get a tiny tear in my eye.
You are such a good mom Jean. What a happy little girl Maggie is. Its easy to see her becoming more and more confident. Bless you Jean <3

Sheryl said...

Maggie looks like a blissfully happy, relaxed dog in these photos. Congrats to you both for all the hard work.