Monday, April 9, 2018


Selfie of the lazy blogger?

No, it's not me!  Sure, there may be days when I move at about the same speed, and certainly there's times when I want to do nothing more than munch away all day long.  But that wasn't the case today.  I photographed this slug while on yet another amazing hike.  The seeds he is chowing down on were put there for the red squirrels by a volunteer at the nature sanctuary where we were hiking.  More to come soon!


Marie said...

Slugs are one thing I don't miss since leaving the coastal

Anonymous said...

I find slugs fascinating..Try talking to one sometime..I did this once and the little guy extended his entire (slimy) body vertically upright as if to reach closer to me while moving and swaying his antenna.. Another nice thing about slugs is that they enjoy eating dog poo!