Friday, June 9, 2017

A Letter to LAPS, from Allie (now Maggie)

Dear friends at Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS),

Remember me?
I was called Allie, but now I'm Maggie!

Thank you for taking such good care of me in your shelter. You have a very nice place there, but I have to say I like it at my new home much better! I have been here two weeks now, and my new mama says I am settling in well. My mama likes to take lots of photos, and most of them are of ME! She said I can use some of them for this letter, so you can see how I'm doing and where I live.

C'mon - I'll give you a tour! 

I have been slowly learning about life here on the island. Did you know there is a beach just a block or so from my new house? We go there almost every day on at least one of our two daily walks - oooooh the great smells on the beach!

This is one of my favourite places -
we see herons and eagles and otters and shellfish!

I can lie here for hours!

There's also lots of fun places to hike, and I've been to two of them. Last Friday I had my first hike at a place called Swallowfield with Mama and my new friends Pat and the Poms (no, that's not a singing group - it's my mama's human friend and her two Pomeranians). And on Monday I did my first hike to Crofton Lake too!

This is me at Swallowfield.
That's the Chemainus River behind me,
heading to the estuary.

And this is me at Crofton Lake.
I sure love hiking!

It's so pretty here.
My mama is always taking pictures! 

I also love Mama's back yard and like to spend lots of time out there lying on the grass or under the bushes or even on the back porch. Fortunately, mama has work to do out there so she can hang out with me.
Hey, Mama, I'll pose for you! 

Every day we do at least one new thing - walk a little further, meet one new person, practice one new behaviour. Yesterday it was raining, so my new thing was wearing a raincoat for my walk - I didn't mind a bit! And when we got home, we played with a toy that dispenses treats - I don't quite have the hang of it yet, but when Mama nudges it with her paw - er, foot -  to make it wobble, goodies fall out!

Okay, I do have a few challenges. Mostly with cats. I am very obsessed with the cat who lives here (her name is also Allie, which is why my mama had to change my name), but Mama puts a leash on me and ties me to her belt when I get too nosy or when I chase her.! 

When I am calm around the cat I get lots and lots of treats! And I am learning not to pull Mama off her feet when I see cats during our walks. Treats are also involved there! Because of my allergies, I get dried kangaroo treats and they are DELICIOUS! So it is all good.  Allie the Cat isn't very happy (she even peed and pooped on the rug twice - oh my!) but she is calming down now that I am learning to ignore her. Sometimes I sense her scowling at me when I am trying to nap.

Is there something watching me?

My other challenge is new people. I don't mind meeting nice well mannered dogs, but people are just plain scary. I run to the furthest part of the yard and hide when someone comes to the gate while Mama and I are in the back yard.  

Stranger Alert! Stranger Alert! 

Even after hiking with Auntie Pat and the poms, I wouldn't let Auntie Pat touch me, though I did let her walk beside my mama. More treats! And whenever we see a human on our walks, Mama gives me another treat before we even get to them. So maybe humans are okay.

What else can I tell you? I love car rides, but Mama won't leave me in a car when she's running errands so I only get to go when it is ALL ABOUT ME. I wear my seatbelt, and mama is teaching me to use a crate instead (which I Do Not Like!) because it is safer. Crate training involves treats too!

At first I hated being in the house  except at night, and paced continually, but now I am getting much more relaxed about it. I have claimed Mama's bedroom as my den - I sleep on her bed or sometimes in my own raised bed on the floor, and I like to help her when she makes the bed in the morning.

I'm such a good helper!

Mama fixed up the baby gates so I have access to my our bedroom when she goes out without me. Yes, sometimes she leaves me behind when she goes out (can you believe it!), and at first I howled like a husky when she left the house - she could hear me all the way out to the road! But she kept popping in and out several times a day for just a few minutes, and gradually lengthened the time away, and now I can stay by myself for two or three hours without getting upset. Treats are involved with that, as well!

I met my new vet and even though I don't like strangers I was a very good girl. I had some goopy eyes so I got some drops for that. My new vet was the  one who recommended the kangaroo treats so she is my new best friend.

As you can see, things are going well and my mama loves me to bits. And you should hear her laugh when I do my happy dog dance and play bow at her. I also love to get belly rubs from her so when we play I roll over lots and wave my paws in the air until she tickles my tummy.  Hahahahahaha - that is so much fun! And after showing my happy spirit, I get more treats!

Life is good! 

Well, that's about all I can think of to tell you. Thank you again for my three weeks with you, and matching me up with my new mama. I'm loving life and getting braver every day!

Lotsa love,
Maggie (formerly Allie).


Black Jack's Carol said...

What a wonderful update, Maggie! I can see that you are a real sweetheart. And your Mama's not bad either. :) I might add that you are very photogenic. What a beauty! Wishing you two many, many happy times together.

Janice Gillett said...

Wish i got updates like that from all my adoptive homes !!!

Marie said...

Good Morning, Maggie, what a nice name you have and a lovely life there on the Island. Thanks for the update as we were wondering how you were doing. Sounds like you have settled in very nicely and how fortunate you are to have found such a nice Mama. Or did she find you, it doesn't matter a bit, the main thing is that you found each other good show!!!!!~

Anonymous said...

Glad you are settling in Maggie. I will come over one day and visit your mama in da house so you can get used to me... Cause onea des days ahs gonna hafta let you out fer your bafroom break.... I too have treats, and not a mean person... jest asks mah dawgs....yur neighbour Mary

Elle Clancy said...

She is simply beautiful. I volunteer at a local animal shelter; the hardest cases for me (in a sea of "hard" cases) are those in which an older person passes away or has to live elsewhere and cannot bring their dog with them. That pet is often older too and has never known any other good for you for giving Allie a new, loving home.