Wednesday, May 3, 2017

While you are waiting.....

I'm still sorting and editing the hundreds of photos I took on a short camping trip on the southern end of Vancouver Island.  But just so my faithful followers don't think I have dropped off the face of the earth again, here's a few photos from a hike Pat and the poms did with me at Swallowfield (between Chemainus and Crofton on the island) last week. Though it's less than ten minutes from home, I hadn't been there for quite a while - and it was just as beautiful as ever.

Chemainus River near the estuary

Channels of water running into the sea

Cosmo loves to swim - though in this photo
he might be watching for fish! 

Lexi isn't as keen on swimming as Cosmo, but will
paddle out  chest deep.

Tranquility, reflections, and beauty on the estuary

Naked trees dancing on the bluff.
Surely it is spring time by now?

There was birdsong all around us, including the distinctive call of the
red-winged blackbird.

Pat wanted some new photos of the dogs in bluebells
(we last took some here two years ago).
Lexi was quite cooperative, Cosmo not so much.

I think the dogs have been looking at
Norman Rockwell paintings.
Cosmo needs a pitchfork beside him.

Finally got one of the two of them that isn't
quite so stern! 

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