Friday, April 14, 2017

It's All About Allie!

Despite Allie's comment in the above Easter card, I do have a life. Unfortunately, that life has been a bit chaotic lately, hence the lack of blog posts.  Relatives visiting, condo-hunting, and medical issues have kept me either too busy or unable to blog, though I do have a few first drafts and first photo edits done, and I hope to start posting regularly again soon.

Since Allie is a bit miffed at the bunny ears and chick-on-the-head, I'll share another photo of her with you. I took this a while ago, when I chanced to wander into the bedroom just as she was doing her cat thing - rolling upside down,  acting all cute. It was one of those lucky shots that ends up looking like it was planned.

In fact, it was so lucky that today it won a photo competition hosted by Companion Animal Psychology.  The competition was judged independently (and the photo I entered didn't have my watermark - I added it for this blog), and I was very proud to read the judge's comments:

All of the animals are a delight to see, but this photo really stood out. It captures the creature in a very 'cattish' pose and the photo is very well-composed. The colours of the background have been thoughtfully chosen to complement the colours of the cat. Most of all, the eyes have it! 

I must confess that Allie forced me to enter this photo.  When we looked at the photos others had submitted at that point in time, Allie pointed out that every single one was of a  - gasp - dog!  So she insisted I enter one of her, because, as she well knows from living with so many (shhhhhh) dogs throughout her sixteen years, CATS RULE!   And now her opinion has been validated.  

There will be no living with her now.


CarolineA said...

And so it should be! Cats rule!
This is such a cool pic, congrats to both of you for winning!

Marie said...

Oh, Allie you are so lovely and just like a kitten again, nice to have the house dog-free, eh? lol
Hi, Jean, welcome back!