Thursday, March 2, 2017

Colourful Cowichan Bay

Last week, on a clear and sunny spring day, Pat and I took poms Lexi and Cosmo for a walk around the estuary at Cowichan Bay.  With views of ocean and mountain and river and fields, it is always a beautiful spot for a walk - and for photography.

Though spring is late here on the island this year, we did see buds on the young trees near the trail access.

There was lots of colour, too, in the water and the sky.

Red and yellow spires from a bed of moss made another colourful shot,

As did the yellow stems of unknown shrubs alongside these old homes

Amid the blues and reds and yellows were less vibrant but equally beautiful sights,
like the trumpeter swan paddling between mounds of land and grass,

and the detritus of last year's reeds and grasses, waiting for new growth to take their place.

Water everywhere - left, right, and straight ahead - with reflections of beauty, and gentle ripples from the crisp light wind.

After our walk, we went back to Pat's for lunch, where I spent some time with their third pom, Chrissy - my most favourite pom ever (shhhhhh....don't tell Lexi and Cosmo!).  I call her my Phyllis Diller dog, because of her stand-straight-up spikey hairdo.

I even persuaded Pat's husband to pose for me holding his girl - Chrissy is his velcro dog, stuck to him like cotton candy to a four year old's face.

It was a very good day - sunshine, exercise, good friends, and - what else - dogs!


Dom said...

What a beautiful walk!

Gesine McHarg said...

Sounds just perfect to me. Just wish I could go on one of those walks with you. Bit far to travel for a morning walk lol.

AareneX said...

If I couldn't have shelties, I would definitely have Poms!