Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sunrise to Moonrise on a Summer Solstice

Today  Ms. "I-don't-get-up-before-noon" Mitzi decided to change things around a bit and wake me up at 4:45 AM.  I'm glad she did, because as I stumbled outside with her, I got to witness the sun coming up on this the longest day of the year:

Once Mitzi had done her business, she headed right back to bed.  Once I had finished taking thirty or forty sunrise photos, I was wide awake and figured there was no point going back to bed.  By mid morning, I regretted that decision.  I don't do well without my beauty rest.

Yet here I am, after midnight, still up. This year's Summer Solstice coincides with a full moon - which in June is called a Strawberry Moon as it heralds the beginning of strawberry season.  And the Strawberry Moon and the Summer Solstice occurs on the same day only once every 70 years.  Once in a lifetime.  Now how could I go to bed knowing that?  How could I miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to photograph a Summer Solstice Strawberry Moon?

The sky was not cloudless, so I kept photographing in the hopes that I'd capture a rare moment in time when the moon would not be partially hidden by cloud.  And I kept trying different settings, and trying to keep my hand steady (you may remember the last time I tried to photograph a full moon using a tripod I broke the camera when it fell to the ground), so I accumulated sixty or seventy photos before the cloudless shot appeared.  And after all that, my favourite photo (from a very quick perusal of them) isn't the ONE shot without cloud cover, but this one in which the moon has two stripes of cloud across its face:

And now I'm off to bed.  I sure hope Ms. Mitzi sleeps in!


Marie said...

Great shots of the sunrise and the moon, too bad Mitzi missed the moon!!! I'm with her!

CarolineA said...

Beautiful! Thanks for staying up Jean :)