Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Country, My Home, My Canada

On Canada's 147th birthday, I once again celebrate our beautiful nation through some of my favourite images from the past twelve months.   Copyright to all photos is held by the author of this blog; do not copy images without permission.   Sharing the link via facebook or other social media is permitted.

My Country, My Home, My Canada
(c) Jean Ballard, 2014.

There are few places on earth that can match Canada's rich and diverse mix of people and places, of climates and landscapes, of flora and fauna.  And though this is not my 'native' land - for, like many Canadians, I am an immigrant - Canada is certainly my home.  This is where I belong. And this is my tribute to my beloved country on this its 147th birthday.   

My country, my home, my Canada, glorious and free - 

Though you are sometimes referred to as "The Frozen North", we Canadians know the beauty of all your seasons, 

from spring flowers in February 

And the honeysuckle that creeps along the fence in March

The plethora of birds and blooms  in summer

And the early morning mists of fall.

We've seen the reflections of your sun on an ice-covered roof 

And felt the bite of your breath on a cold winter's day.

My country, my home, my Canada, 

We've watched your oceans when the fog rolls in

And gazed at your mountain tops that reach to the sky.

We've taken in the beauty of your lakes and streams

And felt awe within your forests. 

My country, my home, my Canada, 

We know your inhabitants, the people and critters, sentient beings all.  We are a diverse lot, we Canadians, and we share our talents in diverse ways

From the artists

to the farmers

and the fishers and the hunters.

They are all part of my country, my home, my Canada.

With friends and families and community members

as we look to the future,

And reflect on our past

May we aim to be strong when resources are scarce,

To protect our environment,

To nurture that which nurtures us,

To reduce, reuse, recycle where we can,

For Canada is our future, our home, for generations to come. 

The young 

and the old

Life of all kinds, 

 No matter our endeavors, 

or energies or abilities, 

Life is to be enjoyed, 

My country, my home, my Canada, 

here we can sing our own songs, 

And chase our own dreams,

And be proud of our achievements,

And if we sometimes fall on our face

or hide  in the shadows,

Or see destruction where others see progress

And if sometimes our world feels upside down

And we think the grass is greener on the other side

We'll s
hake ourselves off

Stand tall,

And our world will soon right itself.

If we stick together 

And share with others

Heading in the same direction, 

Sharing the path,

despite our differences

And if some lead that others may follow, 

And grab the brass ring (or even an old wooden stick)

And even if the way is sometimes obscured, 

Together we can reach magical places

Because this is Canada, our country, our home. 

From sunrise to sunset, from ocean to ocean to ocean.

We are Canadians
And you, Canada, are our beloved home.

Happy Canada Day. 


Kate D. said...

Absolutely awesome Jean ! beautifully done, and it brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes I forget what a great country I live in even when I have the day off on Canada Day. thank you.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Here's my second attempt to comment on your wonderful post, Jean. Blogger seems to be crashing a lot lately, but that is a small thing, compared to the privileges and beauty we share in this wonderful country. The time and care you took to go through thousands (I'm guessing) of photographs really shows your love for, and devotion to, Canada. We feel your passion even as we marvel at the beauty you have laid out for us to enjoy. Thank you and a very Happy Canada Day to you!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to Canada on her day. Jean.
Happy Canada Day to you and your crew.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful tribute, to our country. Thank you for your time and efforts to remind us of what a great place we live in. Happy Canada Day Jean, Eddie, Mitzi, Shiloh and Allie. Hugs and kissy face Chi Ki, Tarben and the Huli and Mary.

Dawn said...

Jean, I think you have surpassed yourself this year. What a wonderful pictorial ode to a wonderful country.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic tribute to Canada matched with great photo pics. Jean.
I think you should be commissioned to write the new Canadian anthem! ..... But seriously!!!!

Sheryl said...


Lee-Anne Currie said...

Just beautiful,very well done congradulations