Thursday, April 19, 2012


Things are settling down again - at least until the landscape guys begin the drainage and trenching of the back yard, possibly as early as next week.  Sadie has stabilized again, Petey seems nearly over his bronchitis or whatever it was and so far is doing okay on the prednisone, and Eddie and I are getting in lots of walks and hikes. The house is a disaster, and the front garden bed isn't done yet, and the rains have just started again, but 'this too shall pass'.

And so, until I get around to writing a real post, here are a few of my favourite pictures from the past couple of weeks' walks:

First from a walk around Chemainus Lake, a nice 2.5 km offleash trail:

Turkey tail fungus -
a very apt name!

Decaying stumps nurture new growth.
The roots of the new tree are almost spooky!

Modern day petroglyph -
appeared in this rockface around 2005.

And what do we see here?

Next, from a walk at Swallowfield, with Eddie, Gail and her dog Sadie:

Happy Eddie strolling on the estuary
A river runs to the sea
Sadie B enjoys a swim!
Sadie B poses fora photo
And another one of Happy Eddie

And then back to Eves Park, (which I posted about very recently when Liz and I took the dogs there), this time with my Elder College group:

The trilliums are now at their peak.

Elder college group gazes at Mt. Sicker
and Mt. Brenton from the west bluffs in the park

And can you figure out what this is?
A sign nearby asked us not to disturb it. 

That's all for now - time to walk Eddie, feed Sadie, cuddle Petey and head to bed.


Rose from Oz is Back! said...

Lovely to meet you Jean, I found your blog via "little dogs on long leashes" (Typist and Ms. Pea) I am so glad I did, your dogs are just beautiful and the area where you live is breathtaking. I so enjoyed looking at some of your gorgeous photos and hope I may return to look further.
All the very best to you and your lovely friends.

Mark said...

Another set of great pics again Jean. Glad Sadie & Petey are feeling better.The last pic looks like a nest of ants they look like the same ants we have in our yard, that's my guess.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures of your walks. So Gail has swimming dog. Good for Sadie. I see the ants nest at Eve's park is alive and well.


Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

Beautiful photos!

Funder said...

LOVE the petroglyph! And the stump tree!