Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Dog Who Thought He Was a Polar Bear

Once upon a time there was a little polar bear named Oliver. Well, he thought he was a polar bear, but everyone else in the world seemed to think he was a dog. It’s true that he was smaller than a polar bear, and more orange than a polar bear, and he didn’t live in the arctic like a polar bear, but he KNEW he was a polar bear.

He tried to tell his two-legged mama, with whom he lived along with three dogs and a cat, that he was a POLAR BEAR. But his mama kept telling people “I live with four dogs”. And his mama kept telling Oliver, “You are a very good dog”. And his mama would say to the vet “Please give my dog, Oliver, a check up”. And his mama would tell the pet store clerk “I need some dog food for Oliver”.

Only Oliver seemed to know he was a polar bear.

One morning when he was out for a walk with his mama and his Auntie Ann (who had come to visit for the week), he decided it was time to show mama that he really was a polar bear. It was a cold polar bear type of morning. The frost was thick on the ground. The frost was thick on the seawalk. The frost was even thick on the sand on the beach. He was a happy polar bear, for polar bears love frost. Polar bears love cold. And most of all, polar bears love swimming in the ocean on a cold, frosty morning.

And so that’s what Oliver did. He danced down the beach, practically dragging mama behind him as she held tightly to the other end of his leash. He danced into the ocean, bouncing and hopping and laughing with glee. And then he BOUNCED right into the deepest part of the water and began to swim.

And then his mama exclaimed:

“Oliver, you are a POLAR BEAR!!!”

Oliver was so excited. Finally his mama understood what he had been trying to tell her for so long. He was so happy, he bounced out of the water and he bounced up the beach and he bounced along the sea walk, and he bounced so high and hopped so fast that mama had to run up the hill from the marina just to keep up with him. And when they got home and mama took off his leash, he hopped and ran and bounced all over the back yard, shouting “Yes! I’m a polar bear! Yes! My mama finally understands! I am the bestest, toughest, cutest, smallest, swimmingest orange-furred polar bear in the whole wide world!!”

And with that, he hopped into the house where his mama dried his fur with a big fluffy towel, and he curled up in his crate for a nice long nap.

The End.

Copyright 2010 by Jean, who lives with three dogs, a cat, and a polar bear named Oliver.

(The above is a true story. It happened this morning. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera with me. But my friend Ann was there to witness it.)

Oliver, the orange polar bear


Anonymous said...

Oh Oliver, you will from now on be known as "my friend the orange polar bear". Woof woof!

Love Kinley.

Janice Gillett said...

LOL I love that story, that rascal of a polar bear!! How wonderful to have been there to watch his glee!!

EvenSong said...

Grrrrowl, said the orange Polar Bear, with a Grrrrin!

Dog Foster Mom said...

Aww, how happy he sounds! We call Noelle, one of my dogs, our polar bear, but that's more because she looks like a polar bear sometimes. She doesn't like the snow or frost... so Oliver is more polar bear than she is!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jean how I wish you had your camera with you.
Oliver swimming. Who would have thought.